Around the web: Treasures I’ve discovered during 3 a.m. feedings

I have a lot of free time these days – you know, during the 10-12 times a day when I’m nursing my precious little one (which, by the way, has gotten SO MUCH BETTER – my nurse told me to give nursing two weeks and it would get better – she was SO right… it went from the hardest thing ever to something I enjoy. Mamas-to-be, take heart!).

Sometimes I just sit and stare at my little beauty and soak in these precious newborn moments. But let’s face it – there’s still at least a half-dozen feedings where I’m looking for something to occupy my mind, especially in the middle of the night. And that’s when my iPhone and iPad come in handy – I can peruse blogs, catch up on news, watch Netflix, even listen to a book on tape (I’m about to finish this one).

I get all sorts of project ideas at 3:00 in the morning, and since I can’t pin them from my phone, I just email links to myself and promise myself to check them out later. Here’s a few projects I want to tackle… I thought I’d share the wealth.



1. I found this turban headband tutorial on one of my favorite style/sewing blogs and can’t wait to try it out. I saw a girl wearing this over her ponytail at the pool – it was very ’40s chic. I’m not a huge hat person, but I think it could make those “I didn’t feel like doing my hair” days look a little trendier. Plus, the only ones I found on Etsy were at least $20, which is more than I want to spend on a piece of jersey fabric. PS–If you don’t follow Merricks Art, you totally should.

Temple 314


Speaking of her tutorials, someday I’m going to get brave and try this dress. I’ve never made clothes before… but then again, I’ve never had a little girl of my own to dress before.




2. I have found a new triangle quilt pattern that I absolutely must try. Isn’t it beautiful? I don’t like to follow patterns, but I think for this one I may have to make an exception. This is like chevron’s cooler older sister.




3. Speaking of triangle quilts… I also want to try these two. I’m suddenly into quilts that incorporate lot’s of white – it makes the bright colors pop better, and I think it makes everything look cleaner. PS–For those of you who have been asking about quilting tutorials – this post includes a great tutorial on how to finish your quilt.



4. Now that baby girl has settled into a slightly more predictable schedule (and now that I’m sleeping again and feeling less zombie-ish), I’m ready to get back to making things. And by things, I mean baby girl things, now that I have a new muse. I want to start making her some cute headbands – although poor baby has such a small head that she can barely keep a headband on – and I loved this tutorial from Casa de Lewis. Which, in case you have forgotten, is the same blog that inspired Miss Wrenn’s nursery – although I switched up some of the colors a bit.

Speaking of baby girl things, I’ve also just ordered some onesies and cloth diapers off Amazon to try my hand at some custom onesies and burp cloths. My first few will be for Wrenn, but if they turn out well, they might find their way into my shop. Fingers crossed. Stay tuned.

There is a worm farm in my bathtub

I know. I win for best blog title of the week. Thank you very much.

By the way, it’s true.

Don’t be jealous.

Mr. Right found some YouTube video about how worm farms are the next hot thing in sustainable gardening, and the next thing you know, there’s a worm farm in our backyard. On our back porch to be exact. Right under our kitchen window, for us to enjoy ALL THE TIME. You know, because the worm farm is so pretty.


But our particular breed of worms are sensitive. They don’t do well on these cold October nights.  So when I got home from my recent trip to Portland, the worm farm was sitting in the hallway INSIDE our house next to the back door. I very sweetly asked Mr. Right if we could maybe find a new home for his high maintenance worms that wasn’t in the middle of the hallway.

The next day they were gone. I casually asked him where the farm was relocated to, and he looked at me ever so slyly and said…

“I DARE you to find them.”

He is so lucky he’s cute.

And a week later I did. In our guest bathroom. Our house really isn’t so big that it took me a week to find them, but I’m a little A.D.D. and quickly forgot about the worms once they were no longer sitting in the middle of our hallway. Until one night I got curious and started checking all of the places they could possibly be hiding in our house. Meaning, I checked the closet in Mr. Right’s office, the garage, and then I saw the curtain pulled closed in our guest bathroom.

I whipped back the curtain, only to find this.

The worms are living in our guest bathroom. And they are multiplying.

I am told that these worms are turning our leftover food scraps into the most glorious compost and fertilizer you have ever laid your eyes on. Which means, the worms are eating all of our garbage and pooping out liquid gold fertilizer. IN MY BATH TUB.

Pray for me, friends.

And know that soon these worms may be for sale in my little Etsy shop. Because they’re breeding in there.

PS–Mr. Right wants me to let you know that technically it’s not a worm farm. It’s a worm RANCH.

A worm rancher’s wife sounds so much more glamorous. And either way, they’re in my bathtub.

Bet you never expected THIS from me…

Well my friends, I finally did it. I crossed over to the dark side.

I auditioned for a reality television show.

Well, sort of.

There wasn’t much of an audition. I just filled out an application and turned it in at an open casting call. That was it. No on-camera interview, no being looked up and down to see if I was good enough. No eyes peering at me expectantly, analyzing my very being. Nope, I just handed some chick my application.

But oh, what an interesting night it was! After handing over my application, they had us “mingle” around and they said they would “watch” us. I want that job. Because the people-watching was FANTASTIC. Best ever. I definitely got my money’s worth.

I should mention that the show was The Bachelorette. So everybody there was single, looking to mingle. The guys were prowling around the room, almost animalistic in the way they carried themselves, with their designer clothes and $200 haircuts. The girls were stuffy and stuck-up, trying to portray their awesomeness in a way that would catch the producer’s attention. Everybody had a sparkle of desperation in their eye. It was like a strange mating ritual, with birds puffing up their feathers, trying to out-puff each other to gain the coveted trophy… a spot on a dating show. Folks are funny when they compete while trying to look like they don’t care. I just tried to stay out of their way.

I didn’t go thinking that I would be chosen. I know that’s crazy talk, and I’m not sure I would want to be put in a position where my father and my pastor had to watch me kiss boys on TV anyway. Plus, I would be the world’s most BORING bachelorette… who wants to watch a nice, wholesome, Christian girl act like a lady on a date? That doesn’t make for good TV. But the curiosity was so great, and my sisters were so persuasive, that we just had to go. With the advent of a new year, we decided to be adventurous. I’m glad I did, because it was an experience unlike any other I’ve ever had. We even made a few friends of the male persuasion while we were there. I got to talk with Jeremy, one of the top three bachelors from Deanna’s season (we have a mutual friend, and I actually made a guest appearance on his softball team last summer), and I said hello to one of my favorite radio DJs from Kidd Kraddick (JC). All this, and I was still home by bedtime.

I’m glad I lived my adventure. But I’m glad to be back in Normal Land, where folks are real and more relaxed and don’t puff up their feathers and prowl around.

PS–just for kicks, here’s an old post with  my advice to Bachelor contestants.

Hodge Podge Blog(dge)

1. In a moment of true edginess, I decided to paint my toe nails purple. Deep, dark purple. Almost black. I feel like such a rebel. The pedicure lady was a bit worried I might not like it, but I have savored the unexpected pop of color peeking out of my peep-toe shoes ever since. Now I just need to find a motorcycle that I can hop on the back of and ride off into the sunset like the bad girl I am.

2. I love free stuff, and lately that has carried over into loving to get free shots. This summer I got a tetanus shot, just because it was free. I mean, you never know when you might step on a rusty nail, and then I will be thankful that I got my free tetanus shot at work. It’ll save me a trip to the ER (assuming I’m not bleeding profusely from whatever rusty nail wound I might encounter). This is all hypothetical, of course.

So yesterday you can only imagine my elation when I got my annual free flu shot. Not only will I be flu-free this winter, but I can apply that $15 I saved toward something a lot more useful, like a pedicure. Or some new earrings. I wonder what other shots I can get for free? Maybe I can score a pneumonia vaccine? I should call HR.

3. I just love this cold, fall weather. I’ve been sleeping with my windows open, which may be contributing to the head cold I’m trying to fight off, but it’s worth it to sleep with fresh air blowing on my face, curled under my covers for warmth. Maybe soon I can pull out the old electric blanket. It may be my favorite possession.

4. I taught three classes at TCU this week. Two classes on media buying, and one on employee/internal communication. I love teaching. The only thing I don’t love is the parking on campus. If I ever get hired as a full-time professor, I’ll have to hire a helicopter to drop me off by my building, because there’s only 5 parking spaces for 8,000 students at that school. Next week I’ve been asked to speak to an advertising class at UTA, and I hear their parking situation is even worse. So if you know of anybody with a helicopter, who won’t be busy Tuesday morning, please have them call me. It shouldn’t take long, they can just hover over my building while I teach. The class is only 90 minutes.

The split

My cell phone company and I are in the midst of a nasty break-up.

I hate you, Hawk Electronics. There, I said it. I know it’s bad to hate someone (something?) but you bring out the worst in me. When I’m with you, I’m not a better person. Besides, there’s someone else… another cell phone service that I want to be with. His name is AT&T.

YOU messed up my bill. Even though I was with someone (something?) else, you kept sending me bills. It was like you just couldn’t let go. Then, all of those long, heated arguments with your rude customer service folks who wouldn’t correct my billing problems started to eat away at my time. It’s not worth it. I can do better.

The kicker… when you told me not to pay my bill because you would send me an adjusted bill. I asked about late fees, and you assured me you wouldn’t charge me any. And I belieived your lies. When I opened my bill this morning, and that late charge was staring me in the face, it was all I could do not to lose my cool. But I’m trying to be the bigger person. Although if I wasn’t as big a person, I might have considered doing some of those things Carrie Underwood sings about… but my Louisville Slugger is up in the attic and it’s too hot to go find it. You’re lucky.

I wish you would just tell me how much I really owe so I can pay my bill and then end this relationship. I need a clean break. Please don’t call me anymore.

Hawk… it’s not me, it’s you.

Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Time to go make another break-up CD.


Sorry that I’m behind on posting new blogs, but if it makes you feel better, I’m behind on most things at the moment. I’m behind on homework, behind on putting up my laundry, behind on running some errands. As soon as I catch up, I’ll be back. In the meantime, I’ve had a great week…

-I planted 120 flowers in my front graden over the weekend. Pink petunias and cute little silver leaf plants. My garden definitely says “girly”! I’m taking bets on how long they survive my green thumb…

-Monday was my favorite middle sister’s birthday (I also have a favorite little sister, but her birthday isn’t until December). The big 2-4 celebration will last all week, culminating with a huge night out this weekend. I already have my shirt (and dancing shoes) picked out.

-Last night, as part of birthday celebration week, my two sisters and I went and got pedicures and then to our favorite little coffee shop to hang out afterward. I never laugh so hard as when I’m with my sisters. They’re hilarious, and totally “get” me. Now we all have gorgeous,pampered toes painted a vast array of bright colors.

Now it’s time to catch up on putting away that laundry that is sitting on my bed so that I have a place to sleep tonight. That means I can cross one “to-do” item off my list. Eighty more to go.

Oh–and tomorrow I have to give a speech in front of 200 business people. Here’s hoping that tomorrow’s speech won’t make my Top 10 List of Most Embarassing Moments. I hope it’s nice and forgettable.

The barking dog

Dear Neighbor:

Your barking dog woke me up again this morning. He does this every morning. It’s not like I sleep late… sometimes your dog wakes me up before my alarm goes off at 6:30. On the weekends, your dog usually wakes me up around 7:00 a.m. I really do like animals, but I don’t want to hear your dog bark before I have the chance to stumble out of bed to have my first cup of coffee. I’m a patient individual, but not until after 8:00. Before that, I’m a bit irrational.

Part of me wants to march over to your house, knock on the door, and very sweetly ask you to muzzle your dog. But I don’t know you yet, and I’m not sure how you’ll take my request. I’d hate for you to shoot me or vandalize my house or something.

I have considered leaving you a note. Maybe I could type it, or cut the letters out of a magazine and paste it together so you won’t be able to track it back to me. But that seems kind of passive-aggressive, and I’m really a nice person. At least, when I’ve had my sleep.

I’ve thought about calling the city to report you. Or maybe the Homeowner’s Association. Or I could always shoot your stupid dog with a tranquilizer dart. Not to kill it, of course, but to shut it up for a few hours.

I’ve had a lot of time to think about my options as I lay in bed each Saturday morning, unable to sleep because of the constant, incessant barking. Over and over and OVER.

So please at least consider the muzzle. Or a tranquilizer. Or maybe move. Just please, PLEASE stop the barking. Even my dog, the Wonder Schnoodle, is annoyed.

Thank you,
A concerned neighbor

The storm rolling in

I love, LOVE my new patio. Tonight after I got home from school and ate my late dinner, I took my Bible and sat out on the back porch to prepare my Sunday School lesson for this week. We’re expecting a big storm tonight, and I’ve been listening to the wind howl and watching it make my decorative twinkle lights dance as they hang from the roof. We’ve been bracing for this storm all day… the weatherman promised a doozie, and I was worried I wouldn’t make it home before it hit. But now I’m safe at home, and as long as it doesn’t blow my house away, the sound of the rain will probably help me sleep. That is, if I don’t fall asleep right here in my chair… it’s so peaceful.

That white stuff falling from the sky

Today was pretty boring… I took the day off of work and wrote a research paper ALL DAY. Bleh. On my list of things I want to do on any given day, sitting at my computer analyzing articles on weight loss surgery and the accuracy of advertising and Web sites is not very high on my list.

But then it snowed, and everything changed. It’s so beautiful, it almost makes up for an otherwise dreary day.


My blogs seem to come in two’s. I think it’s my A.D.D. side. I get to writing one thing, and something else pops into my head. And I hate long blogs. I also hate long research papers. And I have one of those due next Friday. Bleh.

Since I worked all weekend, I took the afternoon off. Originally my plan was to go home and do homework. But that changed about the time I left the hospital parking lot, and I decided I’d rather go home and take a nap. But then, after a good lunch, I realized I wasn’t tired, and decided to hit the gym instead. There’s nothing better than working out at 3:00. There was nobody there. No gawking middle-aged men, no beefy teenagers. Nobody’s sweat splattering onto me as they run on the treadmill to my left. It was total workout peace.

I was in the mood to push myself extra hard (my workouts are totally driven by my mood… I think today’s inspiration had to do with the rockstar soundtrack playing in my iPod, or maybe it was seeing all of those people conquer the marathon this weekend), so I ran on the treadmill, then rode the bike, then lifted weights. Hard. And now, as I sit in bed typing this, I feel like my rear end is going to fall off. Or explode. I think I overdid. Which means tomorrow I’ll be hobbling around like an old lady, trying to keep up a sleek, sophisticated facade, while trying not to waddle around like a pregnant lady with a wedgie.

On another note, tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. I’m so excited to celebrate one of my very favorite people. Ever. If I can grow up to be half the woman (and mom) that she is, I’ll be happy. She combines grace, style, wit, intelligence, a great Christian character and a spot-on sense of humor, with perfectly accessorized outfits, sass, and a cup of Starbucks. She’s the strongest woman I know. I’m glad she’s my mom.

And, lucky for me, I don’t think she’ll care if I waddle into the restuarant tomorrow night as we celebrate her birthday.