There is a worm farm in my bathtub

I know. I win for best blog title of the week. Thank you very much.

By the way, it’s true.

Don’t be jealous.

Mr. Right found some YouTube video about how worm farms are the next hot thing in sustainable gardening, and the next thing you know, there’s a worm farm in our backyard. On our back porch to be exact. Right under our kitchen window, for us to enjoy ALL THE TIME. You know, because the worm farm is so pretty.


But our particular breed of worms are sensitive. They don’t do well on these cold October nights. ┬áSo when I got home from my recent trip to Portland, the worm farm was sitting in the hallway INSIDE our house next to the back door. I very sweetly asked Mr. Right if we could maybe find a new home for his high maintenance worms that wasn’t in the middle of the hallway.

The next day they were gone. I casually asked him where the farm was relocated to, and he looked at me ever so slyly and said…

“I DARE you to find them.”

He is so lucky he’s cute.

And a week later I did. In our guest bathroom. Our house really isn’t so big that it took me a week to find them, but I’m a little A.D.D. and quickly forgot about the worms once they were no longer sitting in the middle of our hallway. Until one night I got curious and started checking all of the places they could possibly be hiding in our house. Meaning, I checked the closet in Mr. Right’s office, the garage, and then I saw the curtain pulled closed in our guest bathroom.

I whipped back the curtain, only to find this.

The worms are living in our guest bathroom. And they are multiplying.

I am told that these worms are turning our leftover food scraps into the most glorious compost and fertilizer you have ever laid your eyes on. Which means, the worms are eating all of our garbage and pooping out liquid gold fertilizer. IN MY BATH TUB.

Pray for me, friends.

And know that soon these worms may be for sale in my little Etsy shop. Because they’re breeding in there.

PS–Mr. Right wants me to let you know that technically it’s not a worm farm. It’s a worm RANCH.

A worm rancher’s wife sounds so much more glamorous. And either way, they’re in my bathtub.