Lovelies, Inspiration, and Encouragement

I’m not a huge shopper, or spender. I’m a saver and a minimalist (unless it involves fabric). Whatever… I’m cheap. But occasionally I’ll find some lovelies that even I can’t turn down, and I wanted to share them with you. And of course, since I try to avoid brick and mortar stores at all costs, these finds are almost always online.


Mr. Right found me this shirt at Target. He’s so good at picking out clothes for me (random fact: he buys me clothes all the time, but I have only bought him one vest and one t-shirt in the history of our dating/marriage… because he’s super picky… God bless him).

target shirt

I love the shirt because it’s a neutral, it’s loose enough to be forgiving, and it’s longer in the back and covers my rear… which means I can wear it with leggings. My goal in life is to wear leggings as often as I can possibly get away with. As long as my hiney is covered. Because, well, ick.


I have been reading this book, a Christian perspective on decorating. The gist: it’s okay to be imperfect. In fact, it’s preferred. It’s refreshing to this perfectionist’s soul… not to mention there are pretty pictures. And it has inspired me to do a ton of decorating in our house with stuff we already have, and selling tons of clutter on Facebook.

photo (87)

See above for evidence of my new desire to decorate with things we already have. I actually hung up pictures. The book teaches that decorating is all about enjoying things now and not waiting until you find the perfect item. Which has given me the freedom to just stick things on walls and table tops and tell myself that it’ll work until we figure out a more permanent plan. This happens to be in our dining room (we got that dresser for free and refinished it ourselves to turn it into a buffet that stores most of my tableware).

I’m pretty sure Mr. Right thinks I’ve lost my mind. I need to lend him the book. And if you look closely, there may or may not be 348 holes in that wall in our dining room. Whatever, we plan on repainting someday anyway. #reformedperfectionistil_570xN.711822817_5935

Speaking of decorating, I think this pillow would go perfectly in our bedroom. It’s just cool. (But let’s get real… it’s not in the budget… but maybe I can find an excuse to gift it to someone.)

9438Mr. Right and my inlaws got me a gift certificate for Christmas to this online boutique. If you don’t follow them on Instagram, go do it now (@shopthemint). Everything I’ve ever bought from there has been just as cute in person, and a flattering fit. I got this striped shirt with the adorable lace back right after Christmas, and I may or may not have worn it every other day in the month of January. Because I’m an adult, and if I want to wear the same shirt over and over and over… I can do that. Go me.


And finally, I want to be Lindsay Letters when I grow up. She is such an inspiration to me (not to mention I have one of her prints framed on my nightstand). I simply adore her work.

What are some of your favorite finds lately? I’d love it if you would share in the comments!

Also – don’t forget to enter my giveaway for the free Adopting Dallas t-shirt. Details and enter here.


photo 1 (31)For prints and other lovelies, visit Texas Lovely on Etsy.

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Where you can find me

You guys, I am a blogging FOOL these days. In addition to this little site, I write two blogs for work and have recently been asked to become a regular contributor on a third. If you couple that with the novel I’ve been working on every Monday night for the past two-and-a-half months, well, I’m doing a lot of writing these days.

In case you missed it, here are a few of my articles running other places:

  • A working mom’s guide to leaving the house where I give five ways to make your morning routine less stressful.
  • Books for Babies where I give a list of my favorite board books for little ones.
  • Bunting 101: 10 Ways to Dazzle Your Guests which, between you and me, I wrote because I knew I wanted to make bunting for Wrenn’s first birthday party and I needed to find some EASY tutorials. I am a strong believer in killing two birds (no pun intended) with one stone. If you’re planning a shower or party, you’ll find some fun ideas over there.

I hope you have a LOVELY day!


il_570xN.524050111_subdFor more prints, visit Texas Lovely on Etsy.

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Around the web: Treasures I’ve discovered during 3 a.m. feedings

I have a lot of free time these days – you know, during the 10-12 times a day when I’m nursing my precious little one (which, by the way, has gotten SO MUCH BETTER – my nurse told me to give nursing two weeks and it would get better – she was SO right… it went from the hardest thing ever to something I enjoy. Mamas-to-be, take heart!).

Sometimes I just sit and stare at my little beauty and soak in these precious newborn moments. But let’s face it – there’s still at least a half-dozen feedings where I’m looking for something to occupy my mind, especially in the middle of the night. And that’s when my iPhone and iPad come in handy – I can peruse blogs, catch up on news, watch Netflix, even listen to a book on tape (I’m about to finish this one).

I get all sorts of project ideas at 3:00 in the morning, and since I can’t pin them from my phone, I just email links to myself and promise myself to check them out later. Here’s a few projects I want to tackle… I thought I’d share the wealth.



1. I found this turban headband tutorial on one of my favorite style/sewing blogs and can’t wait to try it out. I saw a girl wearing this over her ponytail at the pool – it was very ’40s chic. I’m not a huge hat person, but I think it could make those “I didn’t feel like doing my hair” days look a little trendier. Plus, the only ones I found on Etsy were at least $20, which is more than I want to spend on a piece of jersey fabric. PS–If you don’t follow Merricks Art, you totally should.

Temple 314


Speaking of her tutorials, someday I’m going to get brave and try this dress. I’ve never made clothes before… but then again, I’ve never had a little girl of my own to dress before.




2. I have found a new triangle quilt pattern that I absolutely must try. Isn’t it beautiful? I don’t like to follow patterns, but I think for this one I may have to make an exception. This is like chevron’s cooler older sister.




3. Speaking of triangle quilts… I also want to try these two. I’m suddenly into quilts that incorporate lot’s of white – it makes the bright colors pop better, and I think it makes everything look cleaner. PS–For those of you who have been asking about quilting tutorials – this post includes a great tutorial on how to finish your quilt.



4. Now that baby girl has settled into a slightly more predictable schedule (and now that I’m sleeping again and feeling less zombie-ish), I’m ready to get back to making things. And by things, I mean baby girl things, now that I have a new muse. I want to start making her some cute headbands – although poor baby has such a small head that she can barely keep a headband on – and I loved this tutorial from Casa de Lewis. Which, in case you have forgotten, is the same blog that inspired Miss Wrenn’s nursery – although I switched up some of the colors a bit.

Speaking of baby girl things, I’ve also just ordered some onesies and cloth diapers off Amazon to try my hand at some custom onesies and burp cloths. My first few will be for Wrenn, but if they turn out well, they might find their way into my shop. Fingers crossed. Stay tuned.

Sorry blogs, I’m just not that into you

My husband and I were discussing the death of Google Reader and what my next move will be. I told him I’d migrated everything to BlogLovin’, but I’m struggling with changing to a new format after so many years.

And that’s when Mr. Right asked me why it’s a big deal. He reads six blogs.

Me? I read 159.

I guess that’s kind of a lot. Many are written by friends who only occasionally update, others are work related, others help me when it comes time to brainstorm my next big event. There’s quilting blogs, Christian blogs, decorating blogs, fashion blogs, and then the random ones that I love just because they’re lovely. I don’t actually READ all of them. At least, not every day.

But 159? That’s the definition of excess.

How many blogs do you read?

And so this week I forced myself to break up with more than 1/3 of my beloved blogs. You know the ones that I tend to skip, or skim, or the ones written by authors who tend to make me feel inadequate. Because honestly, am I ever going to weave my own rug? Um, no.

So now I’m down to 102, and of those, only about half post with any regularity. I feel like I just cleaned out my closet (something else I should do, since those non-maternity clothes no longer fit – but let’s be honest, I don’t have the energy to do that).

It was like spring cleaning for my brain. Now if I could just muster the resolve to do the same thing to my car, which among other clutter has a giant adult-size tooth costume filling the whole back seat. At this point, I’m embarassed to go through drive-throughs. It doesn’t stop this pregnant, hungry girl, but I’m still embarassed.

Guest post – help me plan my nursery

I know I promised more on the gender reveal. And I have really great intentions, but to be honest I’ve spent most of this week watching TV and going to bed early. The good news is that I feel SO MUCH BETTER. In fact, I haven’t had a Zofran in 20 hours, and I’m still functioning.

This is huge.

So while I celebrate being drug-free today (minus my one full-octane coke of the day, which is my new substitute for coffee), please go over to this blog and see my guest post about creating a nursery. My blog friends were so helpful in the glider vs. stuffed rocker question (someone is giving us a glider – hooray!), and the bed vs. no bed in the nursery debate (it was unanimous – we’re going with no bed). It would absolutely make my day if you would leave any other sage, mom advice over on that blog today so that other women (and I) can enter this nursery-creating phase armed with good information.

Because, let’s face it. I am as clueless as they come.

And don’t worry – more on the gender reveal coming soon. Probably. Unless I get sucked into another Law & Order marathon, and then all bets are off.

I am thankful for blog friends

5. I’m thankful for my blog friends. There’s several girls from my past and present that I feel like I really know because of their faithful blog updates. There’s a lot to be said for being committed to something and producing stories and memories that can entertain or inspire the rest of us on a regular basis. I am thankful for them, and for their willingness to share their stories.

Lindsay, my new “cousin” (I think that’s what we are?) through marrying Mr. Right. His family is enormous, so I’m never 100% sure how we’re all related, but regardless I’ll call her a cousin and say that she’s made the family reunions even more fun. Lindsay, are you still knitting? I’m close to finishing that giant purple blanket from this summer.

Stephanie is a sorority sister from Baylor and one of my best memories with her is when she did my hair for one of our formals. She always had style and creativity, and now she’s putting that to good use as a wife and mom in Fort Worth while her husband wraps up his medical school residency. She’s like Martha Stuart, only much more relatable. 
I’ve known Marcy since we were in the second grade. She lived around the corner from me, and not only did we spend countless hours playing at each others’ houses, but we were in all the same classes for our entire elementary school career. After losing touch for a decade it’s fun to hear about her adventures as a mom of twins. 

Rachel became one of my closest friends in grad school – a voracious reader and a strong Christian woman and one of our professors called her the best writer she’s ever read. So of course I enjoy reading what she has to say. 

Our dear friends Chelsea and Mack also happen to be the dynamic McGowan Images photography team. They’ve photographed Mr. Right and I four times now, plus I’ve started using them for some work events (now there’s a new audience to RAVE about their pictures… they’re legendary). Working in the industry I do, I adore creative people and find them to be wonderfully interesting, along with being wicked funny and really kind people. And they have cute kids, which makes for great blog reading. 
 I read her blog for years, and then won a national contest to become pen pals with her soldier cousin while he was serving in Iraq (I never win anything! But rest assured this was well before I met Mr. Right). It was one of those crazy stories that I couldn’t have made up if I tried, but in the process got to know Lincee a little bit, which makes her blog even more fun to read. It’s one of the main reasons I stick with watching The Bachelor – she writes the greatest recaps after every episode that will make you giggle until you come dangerously close to wetting your pants. Not that I know from experience.
I know all of these girls have something in comment – they LOVE it when people comment on their blog. So do your favorite bloggers a favor and leave them a note when they write something you enjoy… I promise you it will make their day brighter. Especially this blogger (hint, hint)…

Blog Roll: Quilting Blogs

I’ve been blogging since blogging wasn’t cool (2005), and along the way I have discovered some really interesting people. I thought I would share the wealth.

Because I’m an organized person living in a disorganized person’s body, on a rare day when I had some free time I categorized my blog reader. It was either that, or wash my windows, and this was a lot more interesting.

My windows could still use a good cleaning.

I’d like to introduce my favorite blogs from my quilting category:

Cluck Cluck Sew
I love pretty pictures of quilts, and she always pics the greatest fabrics. Some of her quilts are simple enough for me to attempt, and have been added to my “to do” list on Pinterest.

Crazy Mom Quilts
This was the first quilting blog I started following, and it will probably always be my favorite. This quilt is the next one I’m going to tackle after my super secret surprise quilt is completed. This one is almost all applique, and may take me a day or two (or year) but every time I look at this picture, I gasp in delight, and it’ll be a fantastic way to use up my ever-growing scrap pile.

I’m a Ginger Monkey
I started following because of the name, but I stayed because these quilts are so unique. I’ll probably never be able to make anything like this, but I can still enjoy the pretty pictures… and dream.

Sew Take a Hike
This is what inspired my yo-yo quilt, although 200 yo-yo’s through I realized I was making them wrong (my centers are unfinished, but I choose to think that it makes mine soft and cuddly and unique… plus it’s too late to start over). I’m anxiously waiting for later this fall when she posts her tutorial of how to machine-stitch my 1,000 yo-yo’s together into a coverlet. I know that once I begin, my sewing room floor will be covered in yellow and gray yo-yo’s for quite some time so I don’t disturb my pattern.

Someone recently asked me how I started quilting – I simply bought an inexpensive Singer sewing machine on a whim at a trip to Target, invited a girlfriend over to teach me how to operate it, and from there, I just winged it. I’ve had no formal training, but following these blogs (along with YouTube videos – God’s gift to the “I have no idea how to do that” quilter) has taught me so all sorts of new tips. I’ve approached a few workers at quilting stores, but for the most part, I’ve found them to be a bit snobbish – it’s easier to learn from the comfort of my laptop.

Share the Wealth

Don’t you just love discovering new things? I thought I’d share some of my favorite discoveries in the blog world… lately.
Meet Kendi. She’s fashionable every single day. I, on the other hand, pride myself on being fashionable at least once or twice a week. Less now that none of my clothes fit, but soon, my friend, I’m going to have a closet full of clothes that haven’t fit in a few months and I’m going to LOVE it.
Do you love office supplies, newly sharpened pencils, and anything they sell at the Container Store? Then you’ll love IHeartOrganizing. I’ve gotten some great ideas on there, including designing some cute labels for otherwise ordinary baskets and canisters.
My husband will tell you I’m a bit frugal. I think I magically inherited it when we got married, but I’ve always had a bit of a “cheap” streak in me. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up with a $2 a week allowance… in high school. It just hurts me to waste money on things… thus, I love Copy Cat Chic, which gives you knock-off versions of pricier furniture, rugs, and lighting. Every time someone asks me if my bedroom furniture is from Pottery Barn (it’s actually 20-year-old hand-me-down kid furniture from a neighbor that I refinished), my chest puffs up just a little.
Crazy Mom Quilts. Since I’m an amateur quilter (emphasis on amateur… and slow), I love seeing all of her ideas. Even though I’ll never be good enough to tackle half of them, I’ve already found one of hers that will be the inspiration for my next quilt – mine will be a fun gray and yellow number that will probably be a gift for someone in 2013. I told you I’m slow.
The Lettered Cottage. This blog is just pretty. And happy.
I’d love to hear some of you favorite blogs – just let me know in the comments section. Soon I’ll post some of my favorite friends’ blogs… I am learning all about motherhood thanks to the documented adventures of other girls my age. And laughing with them.
PS–Project 115 Update: I did the P90X cardio AND ab videos this morning before work. And then I promptly collapsed in the floor of my living room, which is where I was when my husband got home from the gym. Man, that was hard. But now that I’m up and moving, I’m fine. Tomorrow I’m going to be brave and try the spin class that has been intimidating me for, oh, about five years. And… I’m down four pounds! Eleven more to go… we decided last night to get a bit stricter with our diet. So no Chick-fil-a for me for a good long while. It’s worth it… right?

What I’m reading…

I’ve got so many blogs swimming in my head that I can’t commit to what I want to write next. That, and my friend Andrea is on her way to watch The Bachelor with me, and I’m going to get two blissful hours of knitting time while we yell at the TV. I can’t wait, and my husband will benefit if I can finish his cool yellow scarf in time for the ice storm tomorrow (brrr). In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some really cool blogs to peruse while I brainstorm.
I just discovered this today, and I’m already in love. My next project (after I finish my scarf and my quilt) will be this ruffle pillow.
I never followed her before, but now I anxiously read each morning to see if Joann is recovering from her stroke. I stumbled across it after a post on Beth Moore’s blog, and the heartfelt posts by her husband bring tears to my eyes. Such a great example of unconditional love and a strong marriage.
My sister started a blog! She’s a super-talented interior designer and artist, and this new blog will feature projects she tackles. She has done a lot of design work at my house, as well as created some one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that other folks drool over. She’s uber talented. Check out the coffee table she made from my favorite novels. (photo courtesy of McGowan Images)
I’ll probably never be able to do half the quilts this pro does, but I get so inspired by looking at all of her pictures and color combinations. Who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll master the math involved in cutting out all of those pieces. Here’s the quilt I’m almost finished with.
I’m off now to finish my dinner dishes and curl up on the couch with my knitting needles to enjoy the last calm evening before our little blizzard hits North Texas.