I am thankful for blog friends

5. I’m thankful for my blog friends. There’s several girls from my past and present that I feel like I really know because of their faithful blog updates. There’s a lot to be said for being committed to something and producing stories and memories that can entertain or inspire the rest of us on a regular basis. I am thankful for them, and for their willingness to share their stories.

Lindsay, my new “cousin” (I think that’s what we are?) through marrying Mr. Right. His family is enormous, so I’m never 100% sure how we’re all related, but regardless I’ll call her a cousin and say that she’s made the family reunions even more fun. Lindsay, are you still knitting? I’m close to finishing that giant purple blanket from this summer.

Stephanie is a sorority sister from Baylor and one of my best memories with her is when she did my hair for one of our formals. She always had style and creativity, and now she’s putting that to good use as a wife and mom in Fort Worth while her husband wraps up his medical school residency. She’s like Martha Stuart, only much more relatable. 
I’ve known Marcy since we were in the second grade. She lived around the corner from me, and not only did we spend countless hours playing at each others’ houses, but we were in all the same classes for our entire elementary school career. After losing touch for a decade it’s fun to hear about her adventures as a mom of twins. 

Rachel became one of my closest friends in grad school – a voracious reader and a strong Christian woman and one of our professors called her the best writer she’s ever read. So of course I enjoy reading what she has to say. 

Our dear friends Chelsea and Mack also happen to be the dynamic McGowan Images photography team. They’ve photographed Mr. Right and I four times now, plus I’ve started using them for some work events (now there’s a new audience to RAVE about their pictures… they’re legendary). Working in the industry I do, I adore creative people and find them to be wonderfully interesting, along with being wicked funny and really kind people. And they have cute kids, which makes for great blog reading. 
 I read her blog for years, and then won a national contest to become pen pals with her soldier cousin while he was serving in Iraq (I never win anything! But rest assured this was well before I met Mr. Right). It was one of those crazy stories that I couldn’t have made up if I tried, but in the process got to know Lincee a little bit, which makes her blog even more fun to read. It’s one of the main reasons I stick with watching The Bachelor – she writes the greatest recaps after every episode that will make you giggle until you come dangerously close to wetting your pants. Not that I know from experience.
I know all of these girls have something in comment – they LOVE it when people comment on their blog. So do your favorite bloggers a favor and leave them a note when they write something you enjoy… I promise you it will make their day brighter. Especially this blogger (hint, hint)…


  1. a week late, i am at the point where i can catch up on comments. thanks, bethe. i have enjoyed your encouragement. and i always love reading what you have to say. i also want you to know that i am still sending healthy vibes your way… 🙂


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