A stomach bug, a bike crash, and an oh-my-gosh-they’re-going-to-let-us-have-children?!?! moment

Have I mentioned I’m 36 weeks pregnant? Like, hugely, uncomfortably, waddling pregnant?

Oh, and I’ve had a stomach bug this week. Which stinks anytime, but is especially not fun when you’re 36 weeks and hugely, uncomfortably, waddling pregnant.

Although between you and me, I’ve had it for three days now, and it’s still here, which makes me wonder if it’s not a bug, but a return of morning sickness. Please no. Anything but that. Lord, let it be a stomach bug that’s on its way out!

So I spent Monday home sick from work (my first day off since New Year’s Day – including holidays – I’ve been hoarding vacation/sick days like they’re going out of style to save up for my maternity leave). I’ve eaten nothing but toast, chicken noodle soup, and baked potatoes while chewing ice chips (drinking water? Ick – so gross). Luckily I’m an expert in nauseous eating, having had six months of experience. I should write a book. All you first trimester sick girls out there – call me. I can help.

So imagine me home Tuesday night, having crashed and taken a two-hour nap the moment I got home from a long day at work, finally sort of sitting up and eating chicken noodle soup and feeling absolutely awful. And my phone rings.

It’s my work – and I need to come in for something very important and unexpected. It’s just part of my job, these things happen.

But it’s less fun when those things happen while you’re home feeling (and looking) like death. I mentally started thinking about what clothes I had lying around on the floor of my closet that would look clean enough for me to wear in to work. Oh, and clothes that fit (there are very few that do at this point).

While I was on the phone, Mr. Right called me. He had been in a bike riding accident. Not just any bike riding accident – Mr. Right does the serious bike riding where you wear bike shorts and go fast on city trails and your bike weighs as much as Baby Girl did at 4 weeks gestation (translation – light). Poor Mr. Right went head-first into the concrete trail and skid on his shoulder, elbow, and hip, ripping and bruising the whole side of his body. Poor guy had to jump back on his bike and ride all the way back to his car, which thankfully was only a mile away.

Did I mention I was horribly nauseous, 36 weeks pregnant, and had just gotten an emergency call from work 30 seconds earlier? And now I have a poor, hurt husband with injuries that are yet unknown? Yeah, it was one of those nights.

I met Mr. Right in the driveway, watched him limp out of his car and helped him assess the damage. He’s going to live, although he looks like he’s been in a major bicycle accident, and he has a bruise that’s almost as big as my full-term belly and a limp that any pirate would envy. And there was blood – less blood than there could have been, considering his accident, but blood nonetheless, dripping from his elbow.

After he got cleaned up and we decided that there were no injuries requiring a trip to my ER (heck, I work at a hospital and already had to go), I left Mr. Right on our couch, ran into work, took care of what I needed to take care of, went and bought wound care supplies and a late drive-through dinner for my hurt man, and came home and finished patching him up. 

And then I climbed into bed, a nauseous, exhausted mess, and crashed (no pun intended).

I thanked God that the night wasn’t worse. After all, Mr. Right landed head-first on concrete, cracked his helmet, skidded who knows how long, and has no major, life-threatening injuries to show for it.

And then I thought – holy cow, all this, and we’re about to be parents too?!?! What the heck are we going to do with a BABY?!?!

That subculture called Motherhood

Having a baby is like discovering a whole subculture I previously knew nothing about. It’s like the first time I went running on the Trinity Trails in Fort Worth at 6:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and I realized that there are TONS of fitness-crazed people out there running and cycling in the dark ON A SATURDAY MORNING.

They’re crazy. And I wish I had the will power to be one of them.

Having a baby is kind of like discovering that you’re the only person who didn’t know that folks exercise at the crack of dawn on a weekend. I’ve had so many people ask me what brand of stroller I have. (a BOB – which I didn’t realize was a big deal – so thankful for generous in-laws!) What brand of diaper do I prefer? (the free ones our friends have given us) Will I be breastfeeding? (yes) What kinds of bottles are you going to use? (oh crud, I only own one newborn bottle – must remember to buy some on Amazon ASAP) Will we be co-sleeping? (no) Will we have bumpers in our crib? (no) Will I be getting an epidural? (Heck YES)  Who’s my pediatrician? (actually, we’re going with my family doctor, who has treated babies for years)

And the one I hear the most – will we be immunizing?

YES. For many reasons, but this article captures one of the biggest reasons. It’s at least worth checking out.

As for the rest of this motherhood subculture – I freely admit that I have NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING. None. Zip. I know next month I’ll find myself doing things I never expected I’d do (heck, I walked around in a urine-soaked shirt last weekend after my baby nephew, ahem, marked his territory on me – and I didn’t even mind because he’s so cute). All moms had to be newbies at some point, so go ahead and start praying for me now. You know I’m pretty clueless and need those prayers – and patience – more than most!


PS–Don’t forget to go over and enter my contest to predict Baby Wrenn’s arrival date. Contest closes on Friday.

Baby bump pictures & a contest

Who doesn’t love a good baby bump picture? I have been feeling really good lately – other than a few instances where Wrenn turns and gets into some crazy position (ouch!), I actually have more energy and feel better now than I have in a long time. I’m avoiding the Texas heat like the plague (got overheated once – indoors – and was sick for a full 24 hours), and I’m trying to prop up my swollen feet in the evenings, and I’m down to just a few pieces of clothing that still fit, but I still think this third trimester has by far been my best. Praise Jesus for no nausea!

For past baby bump pics, try these and these.




Oh, and I finally broke down and bought one of these – a maternity swimsuit. Trust me when I say that I will NOT be posting any bump pictures in that!

maternity suit

I just started Week 35… we’re in our final month! I think it’s a great time to start making bets – when do you think Baby Girl will make her appearance? Leave your prediction in the comments below, and if you’re the closest, then I’ll send you a free print from my shop! My due date is July 12, but my doctor has said she thinks I could go about two weeks early. Okay… predictions… go!

A promise of what is to come

Dude, this pregnancy thing isn’t for sissies. I spent my afternoon doubled over in pain as Little Miss got into some weird position and wouldn’t move back. When Mr. Right called to check on me, I was on my knees, hugging my office chair, trying to relieve some of the pressure off my belly and will her back into position. My goodness it was glamorous.

It was the second time she’s done this in the past week or so. My doctor thinks maybe she’s flipping or starting to move into position. I hope it means she’s getting ready to come on her own in, say, two weeks. Or three. No sooner, sweet Wrenn, you hear? (I’m 35 weeks tomorrow.) Thankfully every time she eventually moves back to where she belongs, but it leaves me sore the rest of the evening. Thank goodness for a sweet husband who picks up takeout for dinner so I can hug my body pillow on the couch and relax.

In other news…

We finished the nursery. That sound you hear is the Hallelujah Chorus playing in the background. It’s such a relief. I realize Baby Girl doesn’t need a nursery in the beginning, but I needed to get organized and inventory what we had and what we still needed. Plus, I’m assuming that I’ll be recovering and things will be chaotic when she gets home, and I don’t want to have to come home to a mess. And now we don’t have to. Pictures to come SOON. I promise. I’m so happy with how it turned out.

And, Mr. Right has caught the nesting bug. After helping me cross everything off our “Things that have to be done before Wrenn’s arrival” to-do list this weekend, he got a wild hair on Tuesday, one of his rare days off, and built an entire pergola in our backyard. It looks amazing, and we spent last night sitting underneath it, admiring his handiwork. I’m amazed at the things he dreams up and then builds – he is really, really talented, and I love to watch his creativity in motion. I promise, pictures of that to come soon as well.

Oh, and while I’m bragging on Mr. Right – he officiated his first wedding last weekend for some dear friends of ours. It was an adorable outdoor, backyard wedding – something straight out of Sweet Home Alabama. Of course there are no pictures because I was big and swollen and at this point, well, I have no desire to take pictures. But trust me, it was adorable, and my man did an AWESOME job preaching the ceremony. He looked like an old pro – and talk about strange to hear your husband, the man you just exchanged vows with, lead another couple through the same thing. I would have cried if I wasn’t so fascinated watching my feet swell to epic proportions in the outdoor humidity.

Which reminds me… I promise to post some bump pictures. My goodness, just as I crossed all my baby to-do’s off, now I’ve got a whole list of blog to-do’s!


PS–Just a reminder about the prints in my shop. After baby comes I will take a temporary break, so if there’s anything you’re hankering for, pick it up now.

What I wish I had known before I was pregnant


Buy a belly brace. I just got one this week, and my belly feels 10 pounds lighter, my back hurts less, and I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to get one. I borrowed this one from a friend – it’s complicated, but works like a gem.

No matter how horrible your nausea may be – or how long it may last (in my case, 25 weeks), when it finally goes away, you really will forget how bad it was. I went from swearing to Mr. Right that this would be the ONLY baby I ever carry to telling him, “I think I could do this again.” Pregnancy amnesia is a wonderful thing – God sure knew what he was doing.


It’s totally possible for your belly button to be both an innie and an outie at the same time.

Sleeping: Buy a body pillow the day you find out you’re pregnant. Invest in a good one. And buy some good books to read when those bouts of insomnia hit (because they will hit).

The AC is your friend. I’m super cold natured, but during this third trimester, it’s like my internal body temperature has been cranked up 5 or 10 degrees. For the first time ever, I’m freezing out my husband at home, and my car AC has only one setting these days – HIGH. Pregnancy would be a good time to move to Alaska.

It’s possible to get to the point where you never want to wear pants again. Like, I’d rather just wear the nice dress I wore to work when I get home at night than change into workout shorts and a t-shirt. It’s just too much elastic around my middle (not to mention that I’ve outgrown my husband’s t-shirts). I’m in an all-dresses, all the time mode.


You haven’t seen awkward until you try on your postpartum nursing tops while nine months pregnant. Exactly how are you supposed to try on clothes that will fit AFTER you have the baby when you don’t even fit into maternity clothes anymore?

Actually, I lied – if you make it to nine months pregnant, you’ve seen awkward. As has your husband. And your coworkers. And strangers who watch you waddle across the parking lot. I think the most awkward of all is trying to roll yourself off the couch after watching TV – it’s a lot like watching a beetle who is stuck on his back with his legs kicking in the air, unable to right himself. I wish we could afford to install a pulley system in the living room.

There is no better feeling in the world than feeling your baby kick. My favorites are when she kicks me in the middle of a serious meeting. It’s like I have a secret that the rest of the world doesn’t know – there are little arms and legs flailing in my belly and nobody knows but me.


Pickles are the most amazing things in the whole world. Sweet, dill, fried, or fresh – they’re all wonderful.

It’s possible to survive for months at a time on nothing but saltines and baked potatoes, if your morning sickness is strong enough. Trust me, I know. It’s also possible to not be able to stomach a granola bar, but be able to eat Indian food. It’s also possible to eat so much Indian food in a two-week span that you never want to see another chicken tikka masala again.

During pregnancy, there is absolutely ZERO rhyme or reason to what tastes good and what doesn’t. Don’t even try to figure it out, just go with it.

While we’re talking foods – here is what I’ve craved since the morning sickness passed: pickles, salad, carbs of any kind, fruit, salty chips, spicy hot sauce, ice cream, lemonade, cherry limeades, and ice tea.

And here are my food aversions: coffee (my former addiction), hot tea, chicken, steak, brisket, and bananas.


There is a reason why God makes you wait 40 weeks to have your baby. Because I was scared as you-know-what of childbirth for the first few months. And by now, well, I have my game face on, and a BRING IT ON kind of attitude. I am READY to do this. Being pregnant has made me a royal, disheveled mess some of the time, but it has also


The promise of an epidural has also made me brave. Yes, that, too.

34 weeks and counting…

Hodge Podge Blog

Random thoughts…


We just harvested our first squash from our vegetable garden, and there’s about 100 more that just need a few more days to ripen. And the tomatoes – oh the tomatoes! A little dog who shall rename nameless (ahem, Harley the Wonder Schnoodle), stole our first two tomatoes that we had watched so carefully, but he has since lost his unsupervised backyard privileges, and we hope to enjoy the fruits of our labor any day now. In the meantime we’re chowing down on all of our herbs – enough cilantro and rosemary and parsley to feed the neighborhood. I love our little garden.


I’m officially super pregnant. Like, feeling like I’m going to pop, wondering how my belly could possibly grow any bigger pregnant. Swollen feet, ankles, fingers and wrists. Feeling baby girl kick me in places I didn’t know she could reach (although she still loves my bladder the best). A bit weepy for no reason at all. And this weekend the nausea returned, although it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be. I’m hoping it’s just a week-long fluke. In the meantime, I’m keeping my feet up at night and have scaled back on the nesting to prop my feet up.


I got a prenatal massage Friday night, and it was the greatest hour of my pregnancy. If I were rich and famous, I’d get one every day.


I wrote a guest post over here about packing for the hospital. And since many of my readers are seasoned mamas, I would love it if you would go over there and comment and let me know what else I should add. I have started one of my famous handy-dandy spreadsheets so I can keep my packing list, my to-do list, and my to-buy list organized. I’m kind of afraid this baby is going to show up before I’m ready (silly me – like I will ever be truly ready), so I’m trying to knock out packing and stock up on the last of our baby gear over these next two weeks. I even pre-registered at the hospital. How do disorganized people have babies?

I’ve had two baby showers in the past two weeks – stay tuned for pictures. 

The nesting… it has begun

You all said it would happen. And you were right.

I have started nesting. Says the girl who planted flowers and weeded her flower beds at 6:30 tonight after a full day of work.

I have a to-do list a mile long, and suddenly I have the energy to tackle it. And the NEED to tackle it. This could be dangerous. Or really good, because between you and me, I sort of let some things go around the house while I was so sick. Six months of nausea equals some really, really messy closets. Don’t tell my mom.

So while I’m in clean out mode, I thought I’d do some spring cleaning in the shop. I’m ready to clean out some of my older prints, which means a sale for you. Check it out – I’ve knocked most of my 2012 prints down to just $5, while supplies last. There’s no discount code, I went ahead and just adjusted the price in the shop. Once these prints are gone, they’re going in the Disney Vault forever. I mean, they’ll be discontinued.


Also, just a reminder that this precious little baby stroller quilt is still available in the shop and ready for a good home. If there’s one thing I love better than chevron, it’s polka-dotted fabric.

Mother’s Day Letter to Wrenn

Dear Baby Girl,

Yesterday was my first Mother’s Day… and it was because of you that I got that huge honor. You see, little Wrenn, it is the biggest honor of my life to be your mama. To carry you in my belly. To feel you kick from the inside – it’s like our own little secret that nobody else knows. I treasure those moments and look forward to them every single day.


Baby girl, I prayed for you before I ever met your daddy. I prayed so many nights that God would give me a baby of my own someday. And that someday is here and He has given me you. Once I married your daddy, we prayed together that God would bless us with a baby. Before you were ever here, I longed for you and cried for you and waited and waited and waited for you.


I cannot wait to meet you in two short months. There is so much to do before you arrive, but more than anything I can’t wait for that first moment when I get to see you, and meet you, and hold you against my chest and revel in the joy of being your mama.


Your daddy spoiled me on my first Mother’s Day. I woke up to a gorgeous breakfast – you know your daddy doesn’t just cook – he makes every meal an event. He gave me a body pillow (such a comfort for this tired pregnant body) and a prenatal massage and one of his famously sweet love notes. Your daddy spoils me so, and I know when you get here he will spoil you too.


We spent the rest of the day celebrating with both of your grandmothers, who also can’t wait to meet you. In fact, there are a lot of people counting down until the day they get to meet you. But of all of them, your daddy and I are the most excited. Sixty days left until your due date (July 12). The question is… will we see you before that, or will you make us wait? Honestly, baby girl, whenever you choose to come will be a huge celebration.


Wrenn Olivia – you are loved. You are treasured. You are an answer to prayers. I can’t wait to meet you.

Love, your mama


Thanks to all my blog friends who left me such encouragement on my last post. It meant so much to me. All of these pictures are courtesy of McGowan Images. To see our entire maternity session, click here.

Confessions of a third trimester

I’ll have to admit, all of the comments and attention focused on the size of my bump started to get to me last week.

Today’s comment was: “I can tell you’re having a girl because the shape of your face has changed.” I can only assume that means it’s, err, filling out? Awesome.

Actually, the comments have bothered me from the beginning – one thing I have learned from pregnancy is that you can’t really help how you carry the baby. Some girls carry high, some carry low. Some carry only out in front, others wear their baby like an inner tube (hello, back fat – we are not friends). Some girls puff up all over, others look like they swallowed a tic tac until month 7. And you know what – none of them has any control over it. You just get what you get.

To every pregnant girl who has gone before me, whom I have secretly judged, I am SO SORRY.

So after a dozen too many “Oh my gosh, you’re HUGE!” comments, along with some unflattering photos (I’ve learned my lesson – no more pics taken from the front – you will get nothing but profile shots of me between now and when the baby is 7), those insecurities in my head got really loud. Couple that with the date on my calendar that started creeping closer – maternity pictures! Aaaack! What was I thinking? I panicked.

Since I’m good friends with our photographers, I emailed her and told her that if I didn’t love her and trust that she could work magic with ANYTHING, then I would have cancelled already. She responded with encouragement – told me to go buy some new clothes that I’d feel cute in, take some deep breaths, and loosen up. And that’s what I did.

Nobody needs to know about the hour I spent in the dressing room at Destination Maternity at our local mall, trying on item after item with disgust (maternity clothes are NOT cute). Nobody needs to know that the whole time sweet baby girl was dive-bombing my bladder to the point I wasn’t sure I’d make it back to my car. Nobody needs to know that when I went to try on sandals I realized I couldn’t reach the buckle and so I just gave up trying (I was wearing a knee-length skirt – I could have reached it, but it would NOT have been lady like).

Because two days later we went and took our pictures and had a blast. Those insecurities melted away as Mr. Right snuggled against me and told me how beautiful he thought I looked, and as my photographer friends showed me sneak peeks in their camera that proved that at the right angle, I’m rocking it.

(For my records – I was 30 weeks when these pics were taken. Photo courtesy of McGowan Images.)

baby pic

I get to see the rest of the pics tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m continuing to battle and pray my way through those silly insecurities about my body, which to be honest I’ve had both pregnant and non-pregnant, because it’s one of those traits I don’t want to pass along to my little girl.

My sweet friends, what has helped you overcome those body insecurities? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


In case you missed it, my guest post, Top 10 Crazy Things People Say to Pregnant Women, is available over on my work blog.

Cute as a Button Baby Shower

My blog is acting funny – I posted this earlier this week, but for some reason you couldn’t click on the link or comment… so I’m posting it again. Sorry to my email subscribers who are probably tired of seeing this – thanks for your patience!


Last weekend my sisters and mom hosted a “cute as a button” baby shower for little Wrenn. And let me tell you, they gave Martha Stewart a run for her money – I’ve never seen such cute decorations!


They used antique family quilts, along with sewing supplies, as decorations. It was the absolute perfect theme for me.




This hand-made bunting will be making another appearance in her nursery soon. Thanks Aunt Sarah!



A photo with my mom and two sisters – such amazing hostesses!


Mr. Right made an appearance at the end… such a cutie. And for the record – I didn’t realize how big that baby belly of mine had gotten until I saw this picture – WOWZERS!


My mother-in-law and Mr. Right’s aunt…


A dear sorority sister from Baylor…


Thanks to everyone who came out to bless little Wrenn Olivia!