A promise of what is to come

Dude, this pregnancy thing isn’t for sissies. I spent my afternoon doubled over in pain as Little Miss got into some weird position and wouldn’t move back. When Mr. Right called to check on me, I was on my knees, hugging my office chair, trying to relieve some of the pressure off my belly and will her back into position. My goodness it was glamorous.

It was the second time she’s done this in the past week or so. My doctor thinks maybe she’s flipping or starting to move into position. I hope it means she’s getting ready to come on her own in, say, two weeks. Or three. No sooner, sweet Wrenn, you hear? (I’m 35 weeks tomorrow.) Thankfully every time she eventually moves back to where she belongs, but it leaves me sore the rest of the evening. Thank goodness for a sweet husband who picks up takeout for dinner so I can hug my body pillow on the couch and relax.

In other news…

We finished the nursery. That sound you hear is the Hallelujah Chorus playing in the background. It’s such a relief. I realize Baby Girl doesn’t need a nursery in the beginning, but I needed to get organized and inventory what we had and what we still needed. Plus, I’m assuming that I’ll be recovering and things will be chaotic when she gets home, and I don’t want to have to come home to a mess. And now we don’t have to. Pictures to come SOON. I promise. I’m so happy with how it turned out.

And, Mr. Right has caught the nesting bug. After helping me cross everything off our “Things that have to be done before Wrenn’s arrival” to-do list this weekend, he got a wild hair on Tuesday, one of his rare days off, and built an entire pergola in our backyard. It looks amazing, and we spent last night sitting underneath it, admiring his handiwork. I’m amazed at the things he dreams up and then builds – he is really, really talented, and I love to watch his creativity in motion. I promise, pictures of that to come soon as well.

Oh, and while I’m bragging on Mr. Right – he officiated his first wedding last weekend for some dear friends of ours. It was an adorable outdoor, backyard wedding – something straight out of Sweet Home Alabama. Of course there are no pictures because I was big and swollen and at this point, well, I have no desire to take pictures. But trust me, it was adorable, and my man did an AWESOME job preaching the ceremony. He looked like an old pro – and talk about strange to hear your husband, the man you just exchanged vows with, lead another couple through the same thing. I would have cried if I wasn’t so fascinated watching my feet swell to epic proportions in the outdoor humidity.

Which reminds me… I promise to post some bump pictures. My goodness, just as I crossed all my baby to-do’s off, now I’ve got a whole list of blog to-do’s!


PS–Just a reminder about the prints in my shop. After baby comes I will take a temporary break, so if there’s anything you’re hankering for, pick it up now.


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