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Once you go Nook, you never go back. My sweet family gave me an e-reader for my 30th (gulp) birthday, and now I’m too much of a snob to read normal books. It’s just too difficult to turn the pages, and the balance is all off (said the girl who owns hundreds of books).
Here’s what I’ve read lately:

This book sounds awful – it’s about a girl who’s held captive in a room for seven years, and she raises her son in there. He knows nothing about the outside world– “Room” is his only reality. It’s intriguing and sad and really interesting and would make a great case study for any sociology class. A good, fast read.
This sports a typical John Grisham story-line, although strikingly similar to his other book, The Innocent Man. You can tell he’s definitely anti-death penalty. It’s a good no-brainer read but not one of his best.
I loved the Bushes before, and I love them even more now. In this book we see George Bush pray about his response to 9/11, and we get an intimate view of what life is like for our First Lady. Mrs. Bush is downright likeable, although you have to tredge through the first 100 pages, which cover everything you ever wanted to know (or didn’t) about Midland. But once you get to the White House, Mrs. Bush goes into great detail to describe her daily life. Since I’m a bit of a political junky, I absolutely loved it.
This is one of the best books I’ve read in years. Buy it now, and buy one for a friend. It’s the story of the son of one of the founders of Hamas who converts to Christianity and becomes a spy for the Israeli army. It gives you a great view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and because of this book (and my current Isaiah Bible study) I am now looking for a good book on how Israel came back together in the late 1940s. I’m open to recommendations if you have any!
This book is the worst thing I’ve read in years. I could write a better book after taking a muscle relaxer and saying the alphabet backward nine times. (I did this during my sister’s wedding so I wouldn’t get stage fright. It worked.) I’m a sucker for a good chick flick and came in with quite low expectations, but it was so much worse than I had anticipated. It was so bad that about half-way through I had to just give up because I couldn’t bear it one more minute. I’ve probably only quit five books in my lifetime.
I bought this book after my pastor’s series on Heaven. This book is SO good… like most Christians, I think of Heaven as this somewhat indescribable, almost abstract place (for the record, I believe Heaven is a REAL place… I just think about it in abstract terms) where I’ll be in the future, but I don’t think about what it will really be like in practical terms. Luckily the Bible has all kinds of things to say about it, and this book spells it out in very easy to understand terms. However, it’s extremely repetitive, so I’m taking a break after 160 pages (there’s 550 pages), but I plan to pick it back up in a week or two. I won’t be quitting this one.
And this is what I’m reading now. I picked it up over the weekend when I was sick in bed (again) and have blown through about two thirds so far. It’s about one man’s well-meaning lie to save a friend’s reputation that ends up taking on a life of its own. The main character keeps a running (wordy) narrative in his head and the book is almost entirely his thoughts and neurosis. So far it’s a fine read, but I’ll let you know after I finish it. So far, it’s better than average.
Now that I’ve blown through a stack of books, I’m open to some suggestions. What’s the best book you’ve read lately?

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