So I don’t forget…

Because I like to keep a list, and because if I write it on a post-it note, it will somehow find its way to the bottom of a junk drawer, only to be thrown away in 2015 when I finally get around to cleaning it out, along with all the gum wrappers and dried-up pens…

Here’s what I’ve been reading this summer:
The Help (loved it)
Orange is the New Black (stumbled across it in a bookstore… it’s about a women’s prison – it’s awesome)
The Kite Runner (incredibly good, but incredibly sad)
Little Bee (still working on it)
Key Principles of Biblical Fasting (I’m teaching this in a few weeks… learned a ton)
The Missionary Call (you’re probably nodding your head knowingly with this one)
And in my Bible… I’ve been studying Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, and now Ezekiel. Tough studying, but it’s really rocking my world.
And that, my friends, is what life looks like after grad school. I’m devouring those books and loving every minute of it!

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