My life… the adventure

Woah nelly, it has been a crazy summer! Here are a few of the highlights:

-The fire department broke into my house. Someone in my neighborhood called 911, and the dispatcher got the address wrong and sent the fire department and ambulance to my house. Nobody answered when they knocked, so they assumed the person was REALLY sick, and forced their way into my house. Only after a team of firemen traipsed through my place, probably scaring Harley the Wonder Schnoodle to death, did they realize that it was the wrong house. Trust me, the police and fire departments were quite apologetic about the havoc they wreaked that day.
-Then, the ambulance company charged me $1400 for that little mishap. We’ve since gotten it straightened out… I hope.
-I made my first trip to Central America (Panama) and South America (Colombia). Okay, technically I only visited the airport in Panama, but I did enjoy some Empanadas and some fabulous foreign chocolates.
-I took roadtrips to far East Texas and far West Texas. I dipped my toe in the waters of both the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean. I used every trashy gas station restroom between Dallas and Destin, and I convinced my boyfriend to pee on the side of the road (with my eyes closed and covered) instead of leaving me in the car alone while he used a scary gas station bathroom after midnight.
-I was attacked by sand fleas in Destin, bed bugs in Colombia, and a gecko at my house in Texas.
-I hid in the bushes to secretly photograph my sister’s engagement. While I waited for the big moment, I kept having to explain to all the passersby that I wasn’t scary or weird, and that this was a good thing.
-I got my first airbrush spray tan. I’m hooked.
-I tried P90X for the first time, and could barely move my legs for the next three days.
-I won a Women’s Longest Drive contest at a golf tournament, and I wasn’t even the only woman there.
-I started the Dave Ramsey “envelope method” budget, and then immediately lost all my envelopes filled with money.
-I got my first traffic ticket in six years, and then had a tear-filled meltdown as soon as the policeman drove away.

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