I’m such a teenage girl… I have finally succumbed to the hype and read Twilight. It was so good that I read the whole thing in two days… all 550 pages of it. Of course, it IS written on an eighth grade reading level, so flying through a hundred pages an hour isn’t really something to brag about in this case.

So I read the book. Then I went straight to my local bookstore to buy the other three in the series. And then I dragged my friend Andrea to see the movie with me. It’s sad (me, not the movie). Reading these silly books is probably wasting valuable brain cells, but I figure I’ll grow those back once I start tackling my media ethics class next week. Then my life will be consumed with long, boring readings written just to make my life miserable and to put me to sleep.
It makes me feel less guilty about reading my Twilight series now. It’s like sneaking a few warm cookies and milk into my diet. The meat and potatoes will come soon enough, and a girl has to enjoy some dessert every once in awhile.
Speaking of dessert… I’ll take Robert Pattinson with a cherry on top. 

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