Now what?

I flipped open my trusty MacBook and what to my wondering eyes did appear? About ten blog posts from my trusty blogging friends. So fun! To my friends who have been a bit sluggish in their posting lately (you know who you are… said with slanty eyes and a slight sneer), just know that I love reading my friends’ blogs! So go ahead, make a girl happy and write something!

I finished the second Twilight book a few minutes ago. It wasn’t nearly as fun as the first one, but I still read all 600 pages in just two days. I hope you think I read at super-human speed, but actually it’s just a very quick, easy read. I figure I’ll have the other two finished before classes start next week. If I don’t, I might not manage to get any homework done.
So I have a full evening ahead of me with NOTHING to do. This is a rare occurrent indeed! I’m not in the mood to watch TV, and goodness knows I don’t need to read anymore, so I’m excited to tackle random projects around my house. I like to get my life back in order before classes resume and the chaos that goes along with it. 
I’m a bit excited that life is about to get back to normal. I absolutely love the holidays, but there’s something very comforting and refreshing about getting back to a routine. Normal can be very peaceful indeed.
And just in case you’re keeping track… I ran five miles yesterday. It was a glorious 72 degrees for my morning run on what should have been a frigid January morning. I was worried that I might have lost my stamina after a few weeks of taking it easy, but it was right there where I left it. And running for fun, instead of doing it to prevent a certain death if I ran 13 miles without training, is much more fun.

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