Thoughts from my back porch

One of my favorite things to do is to sit on my back porch at night. It’s quiet. The twinkle lights hanging above my head emit a warm glow that makes everything look more lovely. I like the smell of the fresh air, and my view of my pretty flowers that I work so hard to keep alive.

Sitting out here calms me. It’s peaceful. It’s where I do my best reading, or Bible studying, or even homework. It’s also where I do my best thinking.

Tonight, on my way home from seeing Batman (which I loved!), I heard a radio DJ read a letter that sparked my imagination. The author was a single lady who met a cute guy on an airplane. Both were doing a crossword puzzle, and he briefly told her she was pretty. She was interested, but felt shy, so she barely spoke to him. Once they got off the plane, they got separated in the crowd. She looked for him at baggage claim, but he never came. And now, she wonders what would have happened if she had talked to her handsome stranger on the plane.

So this gal wrote to Delilah, a nationally syndicated radio DJ, to ask her to help find her handsome stranger. The odds are definitely not in her favor. But wouldn’t it be neat if she DID find him? Wouldn’t it be the perfect beginning of a love story?

Or maybe she’s a stalker. And maybe he’s creepy. You never know.

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