Summer – what an adventure

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What an amazing summer. I think every summer is wonderful but this one was particularly great – Mr. Right and I got to enjoy a carefree couple of months that didn’t involve much travel or any major projects (except for the patio) and it allowed us to just LIVE.
We did pretty well on our summer bucket list, but we also lived some unexpected adventures. We built a patio and the world’s largest urban vegetable garden (or so it seems). I started a new business. Mr. Right changed careers. We got not one but TWO handsome little nephews. 
It was definitely an adventure.
So without further delay, here is my FINAL tally of our Second Annual Summer Bucket List Success:
Eat dinner on a patio
Have a picnic on Trinity Trail
Learn to bake a pie 
Take a moonlit walk with Mr. Right on the beach
Wear shorts and heels
Ride my bike
Plan a secret date for Mr. Right

Hold my new nephew
Go to a Rangers Game
Kiss Mr. Right while watching fireworks
Learn to sew something new
Finish my husband’s quilt
Host a dinner party
Dip my toes in the ocean
Marry off my dear friend Katie
Do something spontaneous
Get a mentor
Cook with vegetables from our garden
Get a pedicure
Eat a sno-cone
Take a road trip (We just barely squeezed this in – a last-minute trip to Midland to meet our nephew)
Make one of the recipes from my Pinterest board
Eat a candlelit dinner at home
Finish writing Chapter 1 of my book

Visit a state park

Take a photography class
Go to a museum
Pre-plan all my meals for one week
Go to a festival
Dance with Mr. Right in the kitchen
Finish making the Christmas wreaths for my mantle

Get a new dog
Have a fish fry
And that, my friends, is the Summer of 2012 in a nutshell. I am actually quite proud that I didn’t accomplish ALL of my goals, because one thing my mentor told me was that I tend to put too much pressure on myself – I’m a perfectionist, and frankly it’s exhausting. So it’s sort of a relief that I left a few adventures to be had this fall, which officially starts tomorrow, or maybe whenever that Texas heat dips below 100 again, and I get to debut my beloved fall boots. 
Then again, we Texas girls tend to dress for fall long before the weather requires it.
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