Dream BIG, Little Girl


I can’t tell you the amount of joy this little girl of mine brings me. Her giggles, her sloppy kisses and generous hugs, the way she climbs into my lap when she wants to be held, and then climbs right back out again to go back to playing. The way she kisses each page of her book, or gets SO EXCITED about ice cream (like her mama).


One of the greatest joys in my life is watching little Wrenn discover the world, one tiny piece of it at a time. Whether it’s discovering that if she rubs her hands over our chalkboard, she can make pictures from the smudge marks, or learning how to stir water in a bowl, or getting up the courage to take her first steps (her record is five in a row).

I want my little girl to DREAM BIG. I want to show her what that looks like by DREAMING BIG myself. After all, I have these little eyes watching my every move.

big 1

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Friday needs a little sunshine

As a young child, my parents used to sing this song to me, so as an adult this song still makes me feel warm and fuzzy and safe. (No, not fuzzy because I forgot to shave my legs – the good kind of fuzzy.)
And so what better way to celebrate the end of a gorgeous, sunshiney end-of-summer week in Texas but to add this new poster to my Etsy shop.

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And PS–my sister posted a blog about the birth story of her miracle baby. If you need a good happy cry, go pay her a visit to see how she got her baby even though doctors said it wasn’t possible.

Wisdom from Dolly

I’m still mulling over my new year’s resolutions. Yes, I realize it’s now January 2, but I figure I have at least a week before I have to commit. But I’ll tell you that of the two I’ve already identified, I’m already 100% on one, and start the second tomorrow. How’s that for a new year?
Yes, I realize you’re rolling your eyes because I have been 100% on something for two whole days… but small victories, people. Small victories.
But first… I’m enjoying a pleasant evening at home in front of the fire, drinking hot cocoa and watching a girlie movie and a Law & Order rerun. So until we meet again, I will just leave you with some wonderful wisdom from the world-famous Dolly Parton:
Find out who you are, and do it on purpose.
Good old Dolly. We’re kindred spirits, you know… ask anybody who was at my Halloween party in 2008. I’ve never worn so many tube socks in my life.