My Summer Bucket List – 2013

This year I had a big internal debate over whether or not to tackle a Summer Bucket List. I started doing it in 2011, and then last year Mr. Right and I brainstormed for weeks to come up with our 2012 list. (for a full list of our blog adventures on this topic, go here) […]

My Summer Bucket List Update

It’s time for a little Summer Bucket List update (if you’re new, here’s 2011). We have been busy bees over in the Right house, crossing things off our list and dreaming up new and unexpected adventures. We’ve done pretty well, considering summer brought some unexpected new items to the bucket list (like starting a new […]

Summer Bucket List – Month One Completed

Before we get into my summer bucket list, I need to share with you what’s going on in my world right now. Today, May 29, I begin my 30-Day Paleo Challenge. I’m doing it with Mr. Right and my sweet mother-in-law.  30 Days of no sugar. No chocolate. No bread. No potatoes. No cheese. No […]

Summer Bucket List – Visit a state park

We crossed off another item from the bucket list on Saturday… actually two.  Visit a state park Be spontaneous Mr. Right planned another surprise date for me on Saturday – he said it would help me cross off one of the items on my bucket list, and refused to let me in on his secret […]

Summer bucket list – finish a chapter in my book

I can cross the first item off my summer bucket list: I have finished a chapter of my book. Actually, several. Here’s the story: When we were first dating, Mr. Right asked me what my biggest dream was, and I told him one of my life’s goals is to write a book. Which I do […]

My summer bucket list

I can barely remember what I had for lunch most days, so my beloved little blog is a particularly helpful way for me to remember God’s grace, his answered prayers, and the many adventures I’ve been blessed to live out over the past seven years (my goodness, how my life has changed since I was 24). […]

Summer bucket list

I guess all married couples have running “things” – not really an inside joke, but that thing you say to each other where you both nod in agreement and probably nobody else would understand (reason #726 why I love marriage). For us, we like to say that we need to “add that to the list” […]

Summer – what an adventure

Available in my Texas Lovely shop What an amazing summer. I think every summer is wonderful but this one was particularly great – Mr. Right and I got to enjoy a carefree couple of months that didn’t involve much travel or any major projects (except for the patio) and it allowed us to just LIVE. […]