Wrenn has a snow day


We Texans have had our entire year’s quota of snow days this week. Today was our first opportunity to get to actually get out and PLAY. But of course, as Texans, we’re totally unprepared when it comes to having snow clothes (now when it comes to 100-degree play clothes, we’re golden). This was my attempt to pair every warm item in Wrenn’s closet to come up with something snow-worthy. Fleece footie pajamas + boots that are too big (so the pajamas will fit inside) + her vest + her jacket + a random hand-me-down hat.IMG_2537 IMG_2538

This was Wrenn’s first real experience playing in the snow (last winter she couldn’t walk, which limits the snow playing). She had no idea what to do!IMG_2539 IMG_2542 IMG_2544 IMG_2551


And because I want to be real with you, here’s how the brief snow soiree ended… in hysterical tears. Girlfriend was COLD and HUNGRY and OVER the snow. So we quickly got back in our pajamas, had a snack, did some cuddling, and she was good as new. I promise.


I’m so thankful to have my entire family home safe (those roads were scary today!) and cozy. And, I’m thankful that we’ve got good friends who live just a street away who are up for last-minute dinners during bad weather. It’s good to have playmates!


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