There’s a dilemma inside my head

I have an internal battle raging about my blog. Part of me wants to purposely keep it light-hearted and surface level. And silly. Because who really wants to read deep thoughts from some silly blonde girl who’s constantly trying to reinvent herself? I know you have much better things to do. So do I.

Besides, I don’t want to air out my business for all of the strangers of the blogworld to see. It’s weird to think that some lady name Sally in Seattle might know my latest drama. Or that one of my friends might recognize themselves and (gasp) be weirded out. So I purposely don’t write about other people, except for silly stuff.

I especially don’t write about boys, although if I did, I think my blog would be a lot more interesting. Because let’s face it, dating is quite entertaining. And awkward. And dramatic. And funny. But I can’t document it for the world to see, because then the next boy would get to see my postings about past boys, and that would be weird. So I leave guy stuff out. (But trust me, there’s some great stories in there.)

So what’s left is random postings about life that don’t involve boys, or particular friends, or anything important. And if you strip all of that away, my life is pretty darn boring. And who wants to read about that?

So I’ll just say this. Life is interesting. I find it so entertaining to watch my life twist and turn like a mountain road, bringing unexpected adventures at every turn. Sometimes I feel like I’m about to drive off a cliff, sometimes I feel like I’m about to make it to the summit. And along the way, I’m really enjoying the view.

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  1. Ok, I completly understand about the “what to post” delima. So, like you I am trying to keep it all surface and fun. I am keeping a Word document jornal for all my “venting” and emotional stuff. 🙂 YEA you found me!


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