The worst feeling

Today I’m hosting a group of community leaders at the hospital all day for “health care day.” They’re learning all about health topics and getting the “inside scoop” on how hospitals really run. We’re in a boardroom, listening to speaker after speaker, and I’m making sure everything runs smoothly.

Mid-morning, I had to switch out somebody’s presentation on the computer at the front of the room. I was talking, and squatted down quickly to stick the flash drive in the back of the computer.


That’s the worst feeling. Ever. I’ve got 20 community leaders staring at me, and I’m not sure if my pants are in one piece or two. Or in shreds. All I know is that I heard a terrible, terrible sound. A ripping sound, right in the back of my pants.

Thankfully, I only ripped the lining. The outside is still intact. For now at least.

But it looks like I’m going to need some new pants.

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