Raise your hand if you love cute clothes

Here are things I love: online shopping + cute clothes that are comfy to wear + supporting friends with small businesses.

This is why when my friend Melissa told me she was opening an online boutique, I became one of her earliest customers, and why I wanted to tell YOU about her adorable line of clothes and the story behind them.

But first… check out some of her LOVELY clothes at Simply Bliss!

I own this amazing kimono – it’s funky and also super comfy. It’s kind of like wearing your bathrobe and people telling you that you look awesome. Screen_Shot_2015-10-23_at_11.11.46_AM_large


And this is the greatest layering tank ever. I’ve got a really long torso and it’s long and stretchy and goes great under everything (I have the white one). I should probably buy a few more since I may or may not wear this 20 times between washes. (Don’t judge.)



And then there’s this gorgeous top/dress. Right now, I’m pairing it with skinny jeans, but it’s long enough for me to wear as a dress this summer (I’m 5’5″ and it hits about two inches above the knee and is slightly longer in the back to hide my hiney). It’s a tiny bit low-cut, so I wear the white tank under it so my “girls” stay far from view.

simply bliss


When I wear it, little Wrenn swoons. She tells me I look like a princess (which is kind of how I feel, to be honest). It’s one of those outfits you put on and want to twirl in. Even if you’re a grown-up.

Here are the goodies I’m eyeing for this spring:

simply bliss3

{Clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4}

Here’s a little Q&A with Melissa Hernandez, owner of Simply Bliss Boutique. Get ready to love her as much as I do.

12670437_10153422959878030_2218646586075138279_nHi Melissa! Tell us about yourself. 

Well, I have been an educator for 15 years now.  I taught second and fifth grade for nine years, and for the past six years I have served as an Elementary Assistant Principal.  I am married to a wonderful man who is supportive of all my crazy ideas, and we have two beautiful daughters, ages six and seven.  We are joyfully expecting a son in April and can’t wait to see what else God has in store for our family!

What made you decide to open Simply Bliss?

I have always loved fashion, but the real driving force behind this was my desire to set a Godly example for my girls in what they wear.  I find that there are a lot of young ladies these days who are trying to get noticed by wearing skimpy clothing, or having less modest clothing choices than I think is appropriate.  I want to change that.  I want my daughters to see that you can be cute, trendy, and modest at the same time.  So I prayed about it for a long time, had the full support of my husband, and last summer God gave me the go-ahead to start this journey!

I love the story behind the clothing you choose – can you share it with my readers?

Sure!  My mission for the company is Proverbs 31:25: “She is clothed in strength in dignity…” Every piece of clothing that is even considered to be in the boutique is something that I would feel comfortable wearing, or having my daughters wear.  If I wouldn’t dress my own daughter in it, I won’t buy it.  And of course, we are always looking for what’s on trend!

What big fashion trends are coming for Spring that we can get excited about?

We are seeing lots of tie dye and ombre, which we love!  Fringe is also something that we started seeing pop up last summer, and it looks like it’s here to stay!  Flowy tunics are very in right now.  It’s such a classy look that’s easy to pull off with a pair of leggings.  I would say these flowy tunics are our favorite looks for this Spring and Summer!

What’s your advice to other women who have a dream to open a business or do something BIG, but haven’t yet made that brave first step to pursue it?

My biggest advice is to pray about it, but get ready to take that first step when you get the green light!!  It is scary, but definitely worth it.  In 10 years it’s easy to think, “Oh, if only I had taken that leap of faith, I wonder where I would be now…” I’m excited that in 10 years I won’t be regretting a decision I didn’t make! Surround yourself with people who will encourage you and pray for you, and then just go for it!

Now y’all know why I love Melissa, don’t you? Let me also add that Melissa is one of those women who LOVES other women. She is the founder of my beloved supper club, and I watch her cheer other women (including me!) on as they pursue their God-given dreams. She’s just… well, she’s the best. I love getting to watch her pursue her dreams AND bless women at the same time! It’s fun to support women like Melissa.

Melissa has offered a discount off my new favorite dress/tunic just for my Texas Lovely readers! Just use the code TEXASLOVELY at checkout for 15% off the Tiered Tank Tunic in Ivory. And get ready for your new favorite top.



Happy Shopping! (And if you find Melissa through my blog – would you let her know? You can also follow her on Instagram or Facebook.)

Disclaimer: Simply Bliss gave me the Tiered Tank Tunic in Ivory for free in exchange for a review. The other 82 things I have from them (I may be exaggerating only slightly) I purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own.

Art imitating life

Mr. Right and I are getting our Christmas card pictures taken Sunday evening with our favorite rockstar photographers and good friends, McGowan Images. We’ve used them a ridiculous number of times (here’s a list), because we decided that as a family we want to prioritize capturing memories that we can keep for the rest of our lives. It’s going to be even worse when we have kiddos – Chelsea and Mack, you might as well start resting up now because our little rug rats will keep you busy. Someday.

So while I LOVE getting pretty new pictures, I hate having to pick out the perfect outfit. I like to pretend like I have style, but in reality I have no clue what I’m doing. I currently have it narrowed down to two outfits – one that’s neutral and sparkly, the other is a big pop of color. Regardless, I’m going to be sneaking in my new birthday boots, because let’s face it, the whole outfit will be centered around getting to wear my pretty new birthday boots.

So while reminiscing about last fall’s pictures, I got inspired. Last year we took pictures with our two favorite things – our beach cruiser bikes, and Will’s great-great-grandmother’s antique quilt. I’m not sure how we’ll ever top those, but the props made our pictures even more special.

PS–I was sick last year on picture day. I was also growing out my bangs, which is explains the hippie braid – because it was the only way to keep them out of my face. Praise Jesus this year the bangs are gone, and I’m determined to be healthy, with a natural fake tanner glow right out of a bottle.

Inspired by our his-and-hers beach cruiser bikes (and my recently added basket), I created my newest shop print, which I can’t wait to frame at my house. Or office. Or both. I’m starting to run out of frames and space!

And if you’re like Mr. Right and me, and you like exchanging love notes with your significant other, then these little 5×7 flat cards are for you. You can find both in the shop here.

 Now I just need to figure out what clever prop we’re going to use. Or maybe I’ll go with a less-is-more theme (translation – “Bethe was too busy to plan ahead” theme). Either way, I’m confident McG will make us look good. Stay tuned for sneak previews of the pics later next week!