Surprise! (and other various things)

So, they got me. I sort of thought everybody was too busy to remember my birthday, which is understandable since my birthday always falls right before Thanksgiving. As it turns out, my sweet friends were secretly planning me a surprise birthday party, and boy was I surprised. I fell right into their trap, thinking I was going to dinner with a friend from work, and then when our reservations fell through, good old predictable me convinced him to go to my favorite restaurant, which was conveniently next door. In we walk, and there in front of me were 30 of my closest friends. I was so stunned that it took me a minute to realize that it was MY party (for a split second I thought maybe my friends had planned some random get-together and just not invited me… it seemed to be the only reasonable explanation at the moment, as everybody stared at me and nobody remembered to say “surprise!”). But it ended up being a very memorable night, and I’m so thankful to have some very sweet friends and a wonderful middle sister who is also quite devious.
Some other various things:
  • I got the most amazing birthday present this year–one I’ll treasure for years to come. The girls in my Sunday School class each sent me their very favorite scripture, along with a fashionable flip book to keep my own favorites in (because a fashionable girl must have a fashionable scripture catalogue). I loved that when one of the girls asked my sister what I would like, she replied, “Bethe loves scripture! Get her some scripture!” IIt’s so true, and I love that they were willing to share their own little secret treasures with me. It’s so neat to know these girls, what they’ve gone through, what they struggle with, what they have overcome, and then to see what their go-to scripture is. I am so touched by their thoughtfulness.
  • I had a wonderful birthday dinner with my family tonight… including my new brother, added just this past June. I must say that as a gal who grew up in a family full of women, it’s quite fun to have a little brother (and I’m so thankful that my sister married one that we get along with so well). However, we’re at a total loss as to what to buy him for Christmas. We’re on a hunt for something manly and wonderful for him.
  • Not only did I have a birthday this weekend (the big 2-9… gulp), but I also got visited by the Asthma Fairy. It started on Friday and has now lasted four days. All of the meds and the coughing have caused me to almost completely lose my voice, making me sound like a boy in puberty… which is fitting, because my face looks like that of a hormonal teenager. I’m not sure what happened, but the Asthma Fairy was accompanied by her friend, the Pimple Fairy. I think both guests have overstayed their welcome. They need to leave and send their cousin, the Hot Christian Guy Fairy.
  • I turned in my thesis tonight. I’m not sure I’ve ever been giddy after finishing a paper before, but tonight as I left the communications building I felt like turning cartwheels. One more week and I’ll be completely finished with all assignments. Praise. The. Lord.
  • Did I mention I’m close to starting a book? It has been a life goal, and I have finally identified my story, named my main character, and worked out a good bit of the plot. I have much more to develop before I begin, but when I have free time, my mind is now filled with what-if’s and story brainstorming. This is one of my plans for 2010. You know, that life AFTER graduate school.
  • I saw New Moon Saturday night (happy birthday to me). I liked this movie much better than the first one, and even better than the book. I think the fact that there were so many shirtless boys running around on the screen might have tipped the scales in the movie’s favor. (sigh) This is one movie I may have to see again.
Must get to bed… the dark circles under my eyes from a lack of sleep will definitely not serve as a compliment to the pimples on my face. Oh, the joys of being a 29-year-old teenager.
PS–This is the two-year anniversary of this blog. Check out my other birthday posts here and here and here. Happy birthday to me.

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