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Someone recently asked me how I find blogs to follow. My answer… I don’t know. I just seem to stumble across them… friends send me their favorites, I read a lot of news sites that refer to others… some are friends of friends of friends. Here’s a couple of recommendations.

Texas Rangers Blog – I just discovered this. It’s done by the Star-Telegram. I’m sure my friend Michael has been reading this for eons, but now I can be even more up-to-date on my favorite team’s trivia. Except they’re no longer my favorite team after their huge gaffe with Michael Young. Geeze.
Bachelor Blog – I may have mentioned this one before… but this gal is hilarious. I’m not even watching this season, but I still love her recaps. Plus we share a slight crush on Jim from The Office.
Business/Marketing Blog – If you like to think outside the box, this guy’s for you. He’s a marketing guru that I discovered about four semesters ago… he has great ideas, but if you read him for too long, it does get a bit repetitive.
My friend’s baby blog – Here’s a shameless plug for Tiff’s baby blog. Little Sevyn is just precious.
And finally… I cried twice today because of this story. Once when they talked about it on the radio as I was getting ready for work (there went the make-up!) and then again a few hours later after Sister Sarah emailed me the same story (you’d think I wouldn’t get so choked up EVERY time I read it!). Typically if I cry over football, it’s because some stupid boy is forcing me to watch a game.  But this story is really touching. Boys… go read it!

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