Hug it out

January 21 is National Hugging Day. (insert shiver here)

I’m not a hugger. I know it has health benefits but it still makes me uncomfortable. If I’m not related to you, or dating you, then I would prefer to wave awkwardly instead of exchanging hugs. Especially the frontal kind (insert shiver here).  That’s just oogie.
The worst kind are the at-work male-female hugs. I don’t know why some men feel like they can substitute a hug for a handshake. This happens a lot at chamber of commerce events. Luckily I’m quick at the draw and can wiggle myself away from a hug faster than most people can say “Leave me alone creepy old man!”
I realize some of you may think that makes me an ice queen, but I prefer to think it makes my hugs more valuable. I don’t just give them out willy-nilly… so if you ever DO get one, you should consider yourself lucky. Or you can assume I’m cringing (insert shiver here).

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