Running in silence

I survived the half marathon. I’m so pleased that all four of us who started training so many months ago ran the race together. Well, actually, we started together, but my friends finished a little ahead of me. And that’s okay, because it meant I got to cheer them on from behind!

I’ll post more on the race later, but for now, I’m so glad that I’m done with all this training. No more late night runs, no more 6 a.m. Saturday runs (I know… crazy, huh?) and no more calling 8 miles a “short” run. I get to go back to the normal world where I’m satisfied if I run 30 minutes on a treadmill once or twice a week. Probably once a week. If that.
Now it’s time for these sore legs of mine to crawl into bed and take a nice, long nap. Ahhh… there’s nothing like a good rest after a big accomplishment.
One more thing I can cross off my list of life goals. Half Marathon… check.


  1. way to go!! i’m glad you had a good race and can’t wait to hear details. Wish I could have seen you – you couldn’t have missed our CARES shirts had you passed us. We had a relay team, a hand full of 1/2 marathoners, and a hand full of marathons from work; it was a lot of fun and everyone finished!


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