loving: Statement necklaces and orange tops reading: I’m usually a total bookworm but this year I’ve been using all my free time to sew or design things. I always make time for my daily bible study, and lately I’ve been reading through the New Testament in chronological order. I made it to  Revelation… so almost done! […]

A little of this, a lot of random

Oh, my dear friends, we have so much to catch up on. First and most important – I am officially opening a little Etsy shop. Emphasis on little. I feel like such a big girl, sitting down with a CPA and going over all of the steps to make my little business legit. And to protect […]

Postcard from Marco Island

I just got back from a glorious four-day trip to the beach where I felt like a newlywed all over again.  Mr. Right had a conference in Marco Island, Florida, and I happily hitched a ride with him and turned it into a mini vacation. Emphasis on the vacation – I did almost nothing but […]

Greatest Weekend EVER

This weekend may go down in history as one of the greatest no-plans, normal weekends EVER. Here are the reasons: 1. My husband preached for the first time. I was so proud, I thought my heart might burst with pride for my preacher man. He spoke to a Wednesday night men’s service (can you guess […]


For our halfiversary (cheesy, but we love any excuse to celebrate something) Mr. Right told me about six weeks ago that he was taking me on a surprise date. He does this from time to time and I absolutely love it. For six weeks, he teased me relentlessly, trying to get me to guess what […]

Our Simple Christmas

Our simple Christmas looks a lot like our simple summer staycation. And our simple family vacation to Northwest Arkansas. And, our simple regular schedule. Early bedtimes. (6:15… when we say early, we mean E-A-R-L-Y)  Evenings at home. Low budget. Quiet, yet magical. Fewer decorations than last year. Just the giant tree (a hand-me-down from my […]