My weekend in Instagram Photos

What a glorious weekend…

Friday night Mr. Right and I met his family for a dinner on the patio at Piola. If you live in Fort Worth, you need to visit their patio. One of the best in town.

After dinner Mr. Right and I walked around downtown and visited one of our favorite spots – the new TCC downtown campus. It’s romantic and has gorgeous architecture, and for some reason there is never anybody there at night. It’s a great date spot.

(Full disclosure: Mr. Right gets the photo credit for these Friday night pictures)
Then Saturday morning, I did that thing that every naturally blonde girl likes to do… I spent my morning at the hair salon… getting blonder. 
When I came home, Mr. Right had whipped up a lunch of grilled chicken with homemade avocado butter and fresh fruit drizzled with honey. Other husbands do this, yes?  He had also prepped all of our food for dinner AND prepped the two dishes I needed to bring to Easter the following day. What a guy.
Later that evening we hosted dear friends over for a cookout and then went to a movie. I must say that I swoon anytime I see Mr. Right at the grill. And my stomach growls. He made us homemade fry bread (dipped in mashed black beans and honey) and chicken kabobs with grilled veggies and pineapple. 
I think he missed his calling… he should host a Christian cooking show.
Sunday was Easter… and I am a terrible person for not taking A SINGLE PICTURE. It was a hectic day – getting up at the crack of dawn to fix our dishes, rushing to church (which was glorious – I love our church), rushing home to change and then rushing to my parents’ house for a big meal. For people who work at churches (like Mr. Right) Easter is the biggest work day of the year, so he had to miss half of our lunch, and by the time we got home we were both exhausted and took long naps. 
So no pictures, even though we had a wonderful time with my side of the family AND my wonderful in-laws, who joined us. We had so many opportunities to take a picture, and it would have been perfect seeing as my sister is adorably pregnant and I have not a single picture with her since she’s been showing. But no… all I got was this…

This is a picture of the leftover strawberry pie we made for Easter… that I finished off mid-morning on Monday while sitting at my desk at work. Mr. Right sent it with me so I could share it with my coworkers… but instead I ate all of it myself. But in my defense, it wasn’t THAT big of a piece.

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