My January Challenge: Mile a Day


I’m happy to report that I’m 19 for 19 on my Mile a Day January Challenge. Here’s an update:

  • Some days I run, but most days I do a brisk walk. It usually takes me 16-18 minutes to walk a mile, or about 12 minutes to run it (I’m a slow runner). I really love walking because (a) it doesn’t mess up my hair so I can go places after I’m done, (b) it doesn’t matter if I’ve nursed recently – nursing mamas know exactly what I’m talking about, and (c) I’m more likely to go longer if I’m walking than if I’m running. Oh, and (d) I like walking more than running anyway.
  • I haven’t lost any weight, but I love that I have built some stamina and I see some new muscles on those white legs of mine. It feels good to be active after a year of hibernation.
  • I usually bring the baby and the dog. We have a jogging stroller as our everyday stroller, so it’s perfect for my mile. Wrenn loves being outside and it’s a fun bonding experience for me.
  • I don’t listen to music – I either listen to NPR podcasts (does that make me a nerd?) or re-runs of the previous day’s Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show.
  • I love that some of my friends have gotten on board! It’s always more fun to have other people to motivate you. Mr. Right has also been a great cheerleader during my challenge and has even convinced me to go on nights when I’m really tired and it’s REALLY cold (one night I went out in 25-degree weather at 9:00 at night).
  • I’m loving this so much I’m thinking about extending my Mile a Day into February as well. It’s the perfect challenge for me during this busy season of life – I don’t have much time to commit to working out, but I always have at least 20 minutes to knock out a mile (and according to my fitness app, I burn around 80 calories each time).
  • I document my #mileaday everyday on Instagram. You can follow me at texas_lovely for the obligatory daily shoe picture.

What about you? How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?

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