Letter to my 6-month-old

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Dear Baby Girl, You are six months old. It feels like just yesterday you were doing jumping jacks in my belly, and now you’re here and it’s like you’ve always been here my whole life. I feel like I was created to be your mama. You have changed my whole world and I am so grateful. You are a fun little thing. You talk constantly – communicating in squeals and grunts and funny noises, and we carry on long conversations this way. I can already tell you have a sense of humor, and your face shows me that you are full of JOY. And you fill me with joy, too, sweet girl. Like I have never known before. photo (13) One day I could leave you on a quilt on the floor and do chores around the house, and then the next day you were suddenly mobile. Now you can roll across the floor and lie on your back and scoot backwards on your head (it’s hilarious), and I can’t leave you unattended for five seconds because I don’t know where you’ll end up. But it’s wonderful because now your whole world has opened up, you’ve gained a tiny bit of independence and there’s a world of adventures ahead.


Did I mention you can stand by yourself, leaning on our ottoman? No? Well, you can. You’re a bit wobbly but every day you get stronger, and tonight you stood for 30 seconds on your own before I had to give you a hand to steady you. You looked so proud. You are going to be such an independent little thing, I know that for sure. Strong-willed, which means that when you’re older I bet you’ll do great things that others won’t think you’re capable of. And I will be so proud. We started feeding you baby food and you love it. Except for green beans, which I don’t particularly like either. Wait until I make them for you and I can add bacon and then you’ll at least be able to tolerate them. But until then, I’m fine with you having personal preferences since you’ll eat peas so at least there’s something green on your list. It seems your favorites so far are sweet potatoes and bananas – two of my very favorite foods. You have always been a good sleeper – you sleep 11-12 hours every night, and I am so appreciative. Your napping is a bit less predictable – most days you nap a total of 3-4 hours, but occasionally you go on a nap strike and get a little irritable, just like your mama does when she’s tired. But at night, dear baby girl, I have never seen someone SO HAPPY to go to bed. As I start swaddling you, you get so excited, and you almost never cry when I put you down for the night. I’d keep the swaddle on until you left for college if I could, but seeing as you can now turn over, we’ve been weaning you off, and you’ve been a champ, but I think we’re both a little bit sad to see it go. photo 1 (2) You still look just like your daddy, but I see glimpses of myself in you at times. Like when you laugh – your belly laugh sounds just like me. And you’ve got my chubby cheeks and long fingers and bits and pieces of my personality. Baby girl, I can’t believe it’s already been six months. I’m going to blink and you’re going to be a year old and I really want to freeze time and keep you small for as long as possible. And yet I can’t wait to watch you grow bigger and stronger and to see what type of woman you’ll become. But for now, I’m going to enjoy breathing in your six-month-old scent and kiss that little bald spot on the back of your head and stare into those big eyes that change color almost daily and thank God that you’re mine. Happy six months, Wrenn Olivia. I am so blessed to be your mama.

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