My garden has been alive for a whole week

If Martha Stewart were a rockstar flower and vegetable grower, I would be her… times seven.
Yes, that’s how awesome I am at growing things right now. And I’m not talking about growing mold in my refrigerator at work, although I’m sort of awesome at that too. No, I’m talking about the vegetable garden I planted last week. Here’s the picture of our sweet little vegetables and herbs on the day we planted them:
And here’s a picture of the same plants just one week later. Oh my word, it’s like they’re on steroids or something (I promise they would pass an unannounced drug test, unlike most of my favorite former Texas Rangers). I really can’t believe I didn’t kill them – I kill everything. 
One week down… a whole spring and summer to go. Come on little plants, you can do it! Be strong for mama!

Since I’ve turned into such a master gardener overnight (I see you rolling your eyes…) I decided to go crazy and plant flowers in our front flower bed. I went wild and bought wave petunias in my favorite color… pink. (I’d rather plant something more exotic, but I’m a realist… petunias are the easiest things to keep alive.) We’ll see if they make it a full week like my vegetables.
I also bought a Bourgainvillea. When I was in the South of France a few years back these things grew to be HUGE – they took up entire balconies overlooking the Mediterranean. I’ll be happy if this little gal lives to see May (I had one a few years back and she died and rose from the dead several times over the course of a summer). 
She was a bit of a splurge – $34.99 at Calloways. I didn’t see a price tag, and when they rang up I was too much in love to put her back. She’s hanging on our back porch so I can enjoy her through my kitchen window. 

And of course I can’t leave out my tulips… a “just because” gift from Mr. Right on Friday. He knows that I love to keep pops of yellow flowers in our house, because they remind me of our wedding. 

“The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.” Isaiah 40:8

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