License Renewal

I got my driver’s license renewed today. It was a little bittersweet because I’ve been carrying the same license since I was 18… that’s ten years! But alas, next week, on my 28th birthday, my beloved license will expire. And in a rare and unexpected twist of fate, I actually took care of it EARLY. This coming from the girl who was six months late renewing her car registration last year. Don’t tell my dad… I finally took care of it after that nice police officer gave me a ticket.

So you can understand my anxiety when the lady at the DMV took my photo for the new license… and then began laughing. Uncontrollably.  Really? Is it that bad? 
After a lot of begging, she relented and agreed to retake the photo. Twice. This whole thing would be a lot better if we could just provide our own headshots. Everybody looks better with a few PhotoShop touch-ups.


  1. Couldn’t agree more! You know, I am pretty sure you can renew your license on line, if you are doing it before it expires. They just use the same photo from your previous license. I am never early on renewals of any kind so I have never had the opportunity to do it online, but I have been told it can be done.


  2. It was probably time to take a new photo, since I’m 18 in the last one. And even though I may look very young, I looked VERY VERY young at 18! (plus somehow my hair has gotten a lot blonder as I’ve gotten older… funny how that happens).


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