I am thankful for my in-laws

Today, on Day 17, I am thankful for my in-laws. 
When it comes to marrying into a family, I feel like I hit the jackpot. It’s probably no coincidence that I started praying that God would bring me a Mr. Right who had a good family back when I was 22. I had dated someone whose mother I didn’t get along with, and from that day forward I prayed that God would bless me with good in-laws. 
My prayers sure were answered. 
My in-laws are wonderful. They are supportive and encouraging and generous, and they love their family. They raised Mr. Right to be independent and self-sufficient (and his mom taught him to cook like a rockstar). They strike that perfect balance of wanting to be involved in their children’s lives while letting them make their own decisions. They are peacemakers.
They are incredibly interesting people. My father-in-law is a team roper who competes in local rodeos and who has a passion for horses. He is also a church planter who helped launch their latest church a few years back and has built a large men’s ministry reaching out to cowboys who never felt at home in a church setting. My mother-in-law is a BSF leader and accomplished golfer–she could smoke me on the golf course with both her eyes closed. She is an incredible cook.

They’re also adoring grandparents to our niece Ella. I am thankful that someday when we have kids of our own, that they’ll make great babysitters, and their house out in the country with horses and cows will make for some really wonderful childhood memories.

They’re there. Whether it’s meeting Mr. Right for lunch or coming out to my work events to support me, or coming up to meet our ESL students (which my mother-in-law is doing tonight), they do a great job of showing their support by just being there
When we had to fix up Mr. Right’s house to get it ready to go on the market, my in-laws spent days helping us – my father-in-law did a ton of manual labor outside in the blazing heat, and my mother-in-law cleaned like a banshee. When our house got broken into, they came and sat outside with us in lawn chairs while we waited for the police to arrive. 

On a side note – I was on Facebook pulling pictures for this post, and I came across these wedding photos. When I’ve talked in the past about marrying into a big family, I’m not sure if you really understand how big I’m talking about. So here’s proof – these are just the relatives who made the drive in from Oklahoma and elsewhere to cheer us on at our wedding.

But back to my in-laws… they have worked so hard to make me feel welcome in their family. Thanks Audie and Ann for all you do for us. I am so blessed to be your daughter-in-law.

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