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For all those who have been praying for my sister’s surgery, I want to say thank you. It’s so neat to see people rally around someone you love, and I can tell you that she is so moved by the support she has gotten from her friends and her church family. I write this blog as I sit in her hospital room, chuckling at my sister’s witty sense of humor, even with her head slightly cloudy from her pain medications. She is a real trooper, and I’ll be so glad to have my favorite playmate back up and running very soon! 

In the meantime we’re having a bit of a party in her room. And by party, I mean I’m sitting here doing homework while she catches up on her sleep. Tomorrow night she and I will be having a slumber party… there’s even talk of painting her toe nails a new fabulous color. A girl may be sick in a hospital, but that’s no excuse for not looking fantastic! If only I had planned ahead and bedazzled that drab hospital gown… sparkles would definitely add a spark to her stay!


  1. Bethe,Hope your sister is doing well. BTW…I tagged you to share 6 quirks about yourself, as well as six things I value and six things I do not on my blog..thxL J


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