Grammys = Strange, Unstable People

I’m not big on awards shows, but my mom called to say she was cooking dinner tonight and watching the Grammy’s, and that was all I needed to hear. I hopped in my car and headed over for a home-cooked meal and more bonding time with the family.

This year’s Grammy’s have been great… mainly because they didn’t waste time handing out awards. Acceptance speeches bore me. Just show me cool musical performances by Tina Turner, Beyonce, Josh Grobin, Alicia Keys, and Frank Sanatra. Oh, and Carrie Underwood is just so darn cute. I hope Tony Romo realizes what he’s missing!

As I watched tonight’s red carpet show, it reminded me of just how screwed up all of these people really are. If I saw one of those famous rappers walking down the street, I would hold my purse close or lock my car doors, because they just look scary. And some of those female performers are so dirty looking… I bet they smell bad. I don’t get the whole celebration of Amy Winehouse. She can barely speak in complete sentences. It’s very sad. We celebrate these performers, and yet, I want to be nothing like them.

Except maybe Carrie Underwood. I wonder if my hair could ever look like hers? Mine is as long and blonde as hers, but I could never get it to do that Texas-size bounce. I should call my hairdresser…

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