Friday Favorites: My favorite subscription services

Over the past few years, my life has become more and more automated. Why buy something over and over when I can subscribe once and no longer think about it? Or even better, subscribe and get a discount? This gal doesn’t want to waste her time or precious energy on things that can be automated – and easily!

Here are my current favorite subscription services:


Texture: I read a lot on my phone – when I’m lying in bed trying to go to sleep, when I’m up feeding a baby in the middle of the night, when I’m waiting in line for something… you get the picture. Now, with Texture, I get more than 200 magazine subscriptions for just $15/month. It seriously includes EVERYTHING – from US Weekly to The New Yorker to LIVING and Better Homes & Gardens. It includes current and back issues, and I can access them on my phone or iPad. Seriously – I’m in decorating magazine heaven. (And it’s GLORIOUS to have something non-political to read.)


Harry’s Razors: I just joined the Harry’s bandwagon and I’m pleased so far. For only about $1.75 per razor blade, I save money on shaving, and I can guarantee I’ll never run out. They only offer a men’s razor, but we all know that they’re really ALL the same. Harry’s delivers my refill blades every two months at a much lower cost than I was spending at the store.



MeUndies: Yes. Apparently underwear subscription is a THING. I get a new pair of undies in the mail every month, and it’s kind of like Christmas when it arrives! Once you become an old married couple, things like buying undies sometimes falls down on the to-do list, so it’s fun to always have something new! (And every time I get a new pair in the mail, I throw away an old pair that should have been tossed ages ago.) Cost is $14/month.



Amazon Fresh: No other service has changed my life like Amazon Fresh. For $14/month, I do ALL of my grocery shopping online (ALL OF IT), and Amazon delivers it to my door within hours. I can order my groceries while I watch TV at 8:00 in the evening, and have them delivered to my door by 8:00 the next morning (minimum order is $40). The quality is great (lots of organic options), the pricing is decent (some things are higher, some are the same as my local grocery store), but my grocery budget has gone down since I no longer feel the need to buy in bulk anymore, because if I need something, I can have it delivered within hours. This means less food waste, and fewer impulse purchases when I’m at the store. And this means I don’t have to spend any time sitting in traffic, standing in a check-out line, trying to figure out where to put the baby’s car seat in the shopping cart and still have room for groceries… It’s life changing. LIFE CHANGING.



Chatbooks: Confession… I still haven’t printed out our wedding photos. From six years ago. Don’t tell our wedding photographers, who happen to also be our besties. I am the WORST at printing out photos, much less making a photo album. PLEASE! Once a year I print my Facebook Feed via My Social Book (hint – a few times a year they run a 40% off special – wait for the discount before purchasing), but other than that, there are no post 2009 photo albums in our house. Until now…

Thanks to Chatbooks, every time I take 60 Instagram photos, I automatically get a little photo album in the mail. I get an alert before they send it to me, so I can edit the album, remove unnecessary photos, and add any other pics that didn’t make it to Instagram (like of that adorable baby girl I can’t post public pics of yet). I can also opt to purchase prints of pics from that feed. Everything gets mailed to me, and I can add it to my collection – guilt free. Look at me, I’m a good mom – I print photos of my kids! Watch out world!

Speaking of being a good mom (or dad, or PERSON)… what are YOUR favorite subscription services? I’m always on the lookout for new ways to save time so I can spend MORE time loving on my kiddos, swooning at my husband, or doing things that make me happy… like reading my Texture magazines while taking a nap.

NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for this post – all opinions are my own. Affinity links are included, which will give us BOTH discounts if you choose to use them.

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