Ex-boyfriend Swag

I have accumulated a lot of junk from ex-boyfriends. I have a clock radio, a wall clock, a floor lamp, a couple of books, some candles and even a couple of refrigerator magnets lying around my house, taking up space. I’m not sure what about me screams “Buy this girl a floor lamp!” but I guess it leaves me with some very practical souvenirs. 

Yesterday I got to enjoy some more ex-swag. One guy I dated gave me a ton of old VHS tapes he was about to get rid of… so yesterday I enjoyed Jennifer Anniston in Picture Perfect, circa 1997. I must say, it was quite good! Maybe dating that guy was worth it… okay, maybe not…
My best ex-souvenir would definitely be Harley the Wonder Schnoodle, a gift from an ex about seven years ago. I wouldn’t trade him for all of the floor lamps and clock radios in the world.

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