I can’t BELIEVE DeAnna picked Jessie the skater dude on The Bachelorette finale! It just goes to show that love makes people do some stupid, STUPID things. Like pass over several All-American guys for a weirdo with pink shoelaces and no job. Good luck DeAnna. You’re going to need it.

Even though I hated the ending, I must admit, it was fantastic TV. It was scripted just like a movie.

“I’m falling in love with you… BUT… I love another guy more.”

“I think I can picture myself spending the rest of my life with this man… if only he had pink shoelaces instead of a 9-to-5 job.”

“I realize my entire family is disgusted by my one suitor, and completely in love with my other beau, but forget them. I’m going for the wild card!”

Oh, and my favorite. “I’ve never been in love with anybody else before. Yes, I did live with some other chick for TWO YEARS, but that wasn’t love. I was just taking her out for a test drive. Gotta kick the tires a little.”


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