Cowtown… whew!

I volunteered out at the Cowtown Marathon all weekend. What a fun time! Those crazy marathon runners have such contagious spirits that it almost makes me want to try to train for one.


Yesterday I was on my feet handing out timing chips to the runners for about 12 hours. I came home and went straight to bed by 9:30. Then, I was back up at the sinful hour of 4:20 a.m. (on a Saturday… yikes!) to go back out to the race to help out again. Today was even more fun–I got to escort the winners of the half-marathon and full-marathon back to the media tent for their interviews. I’ve always wondered what someone who runs a 6-minute mile for 26.2 miles must be like… and now I know! Let’s just say they don’t have much in common with me. But most were very nice.

I also saw several people puke at the finish line, and I didn’t even get queasy!

It really did inspire me to start training for something again. It reminded me of the old days, three years ago, when I was running in these things (okay, technically I was running marathon relays, but close enough). I always bought a cute new running outfit to inspire myself to run harder and faster. Seeing everybody achieve their goals this morning made me want to join in. So now it’s time to set a goal… and go shopping for some new running shorts.

Best week

This is one of the best weeks of the year. No, not because of Valentinte’s Day. Or President’s Day. Or the Grammy’s or upcoming Oscars.

Nope. This is one of my very favorite weeks of the year because it marks the beginning of my favorite season.

Baseball season.

That’s right, pitchers and catchers reported to spring training yesterday. Football is officially over (thank you God) and for the next 8 1/2 months, my old friend is back.

Too bad the Rangers have only had 1 winning season since ’99. But in February, everybody can be the best.

The News

For the past few days I have been working with Deborah Ferguson, morning anchor for NBC 5 News, on stories to promote the Cowtown Marathon (coming February 23… dust off those old running shoes!). Even though I work with the media on a daily basis, it’s always fun to share a few phone calls with someone I watch every morning on TV as I debate whether or not I really want to get out of bed and face my day.

Stay tuned… you may be hearing about a lady who’s running the Ultra Marathon to raise money for her friend who had a double-lung transplant. Or maybe the team of 13 ladies who are running the Half Marathon who had never run before in their lives, and who have all lost at least 50 pounds training for their 13-mile race. Or maybe the heartwarming story of a dad and his disabled daugther who will be running their first marathon together.

Sometimes my job is really fun!