I promise to post more details (and photos!) later, but I just wanted to spread the big news… my youngest sister Lindsay is engaged! Her longtime boyfriend Dallas popped the big question last night. It’s so exciting!

I’m also so relieved… I’ve been bursting with this secret for a week. I think this proves once again that I CAN keep a good secret (much to the surprise of those who know me best), although I’ll admit that all I wanted to do for the past seven days was call everybody I know and tell them the good news.

So there. If I didn’t post this, I probably would have exploded. Congrats Lindsay and Dallas!

Fun night

After such an intellectually draining week, tonight was the perfect reprieve. I was able to sneak in a quick nap after work, then played volleyball with a bunch of my church friends at the park! It was so nice… the weather was perfect, my friends were all in a good mood, and I even managed to get a few serves over! And the best part… I didn’t have to use my brain at all!

Both of my sisters came… and it reminded me of just how lucky I am to have such awesome sisters. When the three of us get together, we ALWAYS have fun, no matter who else is around or what we’re doing. They’re my closest friends and I’m so thankful for them. And I learned something else… my youngest sister Lindsay is a volleyball pro! She was diving and digging all over the place… she definitely doesn’t take after her big sister (me).

I’m off to bed… the Benadryl is starting to kick in, soon I’ll be in a drug-induced coma.

The Sisterhood

Sister Sarah and I are going to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants tonight. I know that I’m 27, which makes me about 15 years too old to go see a movie like this, but frankly, I don’t care. I’m going to sneak in my diet coke and my purse full of candy and enjoy myself some good, immature girly humor… and I’m going to love it!

Oh, and completely unrelated… but I found out today that my neighbor is a movie star! He’s a character on Prison Break. I’m not sure why he’s living in my neighborhood, we’re not exactly the Beverly Hills of the South. I guess it’s time to rent Season 1…

Please don’t do that with your dad watching

You know you’ve been to a country concert when you see two men wrestle, a girl with a bad spray tan, and a guy kissing his girlfriend with dip in his mouth. Oh, and this same Bubba with the dip can was also grabbing his girlfriend’s rear while her DAD sat next to them! Eeeew!

Yep, the Martina McBride concert was memorable.

When I got two last-minute (FREE!) tickets to the concert, I wasn’t sure if I would like it. Turns out I’m a huge fan of hers, I just didn’t realize she was the one who sings all of the songs I love so much. I’ll be rocking out to her greatest hits album for the next week.

Sister Lindsay and I had a great time together. And this concert marks another notch in my belt of summer culture. Let’s see… I’ve seen Martina (along with Jack Ingram) and the Eli Young Band in concert, went to Shakespeare in the Park, saw the Fort Worth Symphony, went to Mama Mia on Broadway, and next week, we’re going to catch the other big Broadway hit–Jersey Boys. All of this in the past four weeks. Not a bad month!

Ketchup (I mean Catchup)

Life has been flying by at warp speed, and I have barely had enough time to sleep, much less write. Now it’s a holiday weekend and I am looking forward to three days of peace, with no major plans, no commitments, and no worries. I can’t wait!

Today I’m buying my new patio set for my newly built patio, and it kind of feels like Christmas! Shopping for furniture is one of my great joys in life, and this new patio set has been so thoroughly researched that I don’t think there’s a single set in the DFW area that I haven’t sat in. Today I have it narrowed down to a larger set from Wal-Mart or a small one from Home Depot. I just need to measure one more time, and then I’ll make the buy.

I have made another major change in my life this month. I began a relationship with a new man, and I think this relationship could be long-lasting. He makes me happier than I ever dreamed he could–I have wondered for some time what it would be like to have this person in my life, but had some hesitations. Then finally one day I decided to go for it, and I have never regretted it.

He’s my yardboy. Yes, I will not have to mow my lawn ever again! I didn’t think I wanted to part with that $30 a week, but I must say that it’s the best $30 I spend. It’s well worth packing my lunch a few extra days. I’m extremely allergic to grass, and each time I mow, my eyes swell up, my skin gets irritated, and I can’t breathe for a week. And then it’s time to mow again! But now, thanks to Aaron the yardboy, I can spend my Saturday mornings doing other things. Thank you, my friend! You have changed my life!

My other news includes:
1. Sister Sarah and I finally booked our trip to New York for this summer! After watching the airline prices skyrocket over the past few weeks, they finally dropped and we got a great deal. We also got tickets to a Broadway show. I can’t wait!

2. My roses have finally started blooming again! I didn’t kill them!

3. I bought an industrial-strength waffle-maker. The kind that makes those enormous waffles, the kind they had in my dorm at Baylor. I think I may love it even more than the yardboy. I don’t know–maybe it’s a tie. We’ve been eating a lot of waffles at my house these past few weeks.

4. I’m going camping next weekend. I’m a little worried that it may be a million degrees, but I guess we can always just sit in the lake if we get hot. I love to camp, as long as it’s for short periods of time (this time, two nights) and as long as I’m close enough to civilization to be able to run to get a Sonic drink if I get a craving. I think our trip will meet all my specifications. Which reminds me–I need to go find a swimsuit in case we do go lake sitting.

I’m off to enjoy my Memorial Day weekend! I hope you enjoy yours!

It’s good to be a girl

Tonight my sister and I went and got pedicures together, and then grabbed coffee afterward. It was one of the best nights I have had in a long time. She makes me laugh like nobody else, and when the two of us get together, trouble brews and stories flow freely. Anybody watching us at that coffee shop probably thinks we’re strange girls, because we laughed and waved our arms and gestured excitedly while telling stories, we encouraged each other, and had an old-fashioned good time.

So now my toes are painted a cute shade of pink, my stomach is full, and my heart is content. A pretty good night.