Governor puts foot in mouth once again

I have always been a die-hard republican. I was a ditto-head before Rush Limbaugh was cool. I used to have lofty goals of working in politics and changing my world for the better, one well-crafted speech at a time.

But our governor drives me absolutely batty. I see him as a biased secessionist good old boy who needs a reality check. Apparently he’s been too busy refusing stimulus funds to notice that we’re in a recession. That Texas’ unemployment rate is the highest it has been in 22 years, up 3% since last summer. 

Vote Rocker

I feel like such the activist today.

First, I designed an internal ad campaign to promote my hospital’s “go green” initiative. I’m actually really excited about it, because I’m an avid recycler, and since I work in marketing, I generate a lot of junk that needs to be recycled!

Next, I registered to vote. If you haven’t done so yet, you can do it here. You just fill out the form, print it and mail it. It’s that easy.

Then, because I was so pumped about registering to vote, I talked to my boss about organizing a voters’ registration drive, so that my fellow employees can also exercise their American right to vote. In my opinion, if you don’t vote, you’re lazy and good-for-nothing, and we just can’t be friends.

So that was my activist-granola day. I celebrated all of these accomplishments by cleaning out my office and throwing away six large boxes of stuff, which will go straight to the landfill.

I think tomorrow I will skip my shower (and deodorant), wear my hair in dreads, put on a long, billowy floral skirt and flip flops, burn my bra, and celebrate my natural, crunchy self.

Acting like adults

I had to miss last night’s State of the Union address because I was in class and forgot to set my Tivo. It’s too bad I missed the exchange between Hillary and Obama. I’m sure it will be so good for our country to be run by somebody this immature. reported today that Hillary came by to say hello to Ted Kennedy, who happened to be sitting next to Obama, and Obama refused to make eye contact with Hillary. Apparently it went on for several minutes.

Really? Are we 13? I think I did this with girlfriends back in junior high school. I thought all politicians knew how to be nice to your face, and wait until you leave before stabbing you in the back?

It’s just another reason why I’m becoming more and more disillusioned by politics. I would hope that the Republicans would handle themselves better. But I’m not really sure.