I want to go to Africa in 2010. More specifically, I want to go on a mission trip to Tanzania with my church. I had a few things that I worried might hinder my traveling (first and foremost, my annoying and currently uncontrollable asthma issues) but I have started finding solutions to what I thought were closed doors. I’m a bit terrified of the idea of traveling to the wilderness for two weeks, but my heart is aching to go.

Last night I had dinner with my wonderful Christian parents–both leaders in their church and big advocates for spreading the gospel. Here is what our conversation looked like:
Dad – So you really want to go to Africa, huh?
Me – Yep. I really want to go.
Dad – You know what happens to folks who go to Africa… they all come home wanting to adopt an African orphan.
Me – Oh really? Would that be so horrible?
Dad – Nah. I’d watch him for you.
Me – Well it’s settled then. Africa, here I come!

I’m not watching, but you should

I’m still undecided about this season’s Bachelor. I find Jason to be a bit vanilla. Boring. And a little too familiar. I caved and watched episode 2 last night, but it was a total snoozefest.

But I may keep watching anyway because of this new blog introduced to me by my pal Charity. She’s hilarious, and even better, she’s a Baylor girl. And like my dad told me sternly after I was threatened to go to (gasp) that evil Texas A&M…
There has never been a single bad personĀ 
who graduated from Baylor. Ever. In theĀ 
history of mankind.
But that was in 1998, before we had those basketball players kill each other. And before the baseball player skinned a cat alive. But technically, I don’t think either graduated.
So go check out her blog. And for the record, my favorite bachelorette is Spray Tan Lauren.