Birth of a new blog

Today is my birthday. I’m 27, which sounds surprisingly adult. My mother was 27 when she had me, and I always figured that she was a grown-up. Now I wonder. Because I still feel young and uncertain. Like a little girl playing dress-up in her mom’s high heels. Other days I feel seasoned and savvy, like I can conquer the world.

Maybe it’s the combination of my birthday and the Thanksgiving holiday that makes me so sentimental. I’ve been thinking of reviving my blog for a few weeks now, and I figure this is the best day to begin. The birth of a new blog.

I’ve arleady done this once. I kept a blog for about two years. It recorded mostly silly thoughts… purposely superficial. I did that by design. I don’t know how this one will work. I suspect that this one will be similar. Mostly soft and fluffy, with some current events and my reflections on the world to add flavor.

But first, we should meet. I used to live here.

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  1. […] Here’s the first post, written on my 27th birthday. Well, technically, there’s the first post, but a few months ago I moved everything over to this fancy new home. […]


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