Bethe Day

One of the best things about being an adult and having a “real job” (besides not having a curfew) is having paid days off. And my job, along with a bunch of other wonderful perks, gives me a LOT of time off. Like four weeks. And next year… five!

So tomorrow I’m taking a “Bethe Day” to celebrate life and all of the wonderful things I love to do. And the best part is… I’m going to get paid to do it! Hooray!

Here’s my plan:

–Sleep in.
–Go to the gym and sweat my rear end off while rocking out to my special new workout soundtrack on my Ipod.
–Get a pedicure.
–Visit an art museum with my dad to see an exhibit we’ve been really excited about (have I mentioned I have the the best dad EVER?).
–Take a nap.
–Play a softball game.

And somewhere in there, I’m going to try to fit in a strawberry milkshake. Just because it’s something I love.

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