Best of the 80s

Tonight we had an 80s party at church. Finding my outfit was easy… it only took 15 minutes in the clearance section of Target and about $20 (I splurged and bought some off-brand Keds). Apparently the 80s are making a comeback.

Before the party, some girls from my Sunday School class went out to celebrate one of their birthdays. We looked kind of silly at our restaurant dressed like that, but who really cares?

My sister looked pretty smokin’ in her 80s rodeo queen costume (she won best dressed).

We ran into some friends from Miami Vice

Tonight’s party inspired me to start wearing leggings again. I haven’t worn them since 1989 (unless you count all those years of wearing leggings under my cheerleading skirt, but that was for warmth, not a fashion statement)… but they’re comfortable AND practical! I think they’re going to be part of my new “lounging around the house” uniform. And maybe, one day, they’ll come back in style enough for me to wear them to work… because they’re a heck of a lot more comfortable than pantihose!

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