Backyard make-over

We’re almost finished with the patio/rose garden. Today was day three of work. Here are the “before” photos:

Here are some work-in-progress photos from Sunday of dad and me working on the patio:

I swing a MEAN pick-axe!

Here are photos of us building the rose garden:

Last night I finished the rose bed, although I’m going to add some decorative flowers around it later. These tiny rose bushes will supposedly be 4 feet by 4 feet in just three years. That is, if they can survive my green thumb.

Today dad came and finished laying most of the rock, and then started grouting. Tonight I have been sweeping and washing the rocks and grout every hour to get it perfectly smooth. Tomorrow or Thursday we hope to finish the rest. Here’s what it looks like with the wet grout:

This has been a much harder project than I had originally thought. I guess that’s how most home improvement projects go. I couldn’t have done it without my dad–he has done about 80% of the work, maybe more (today he worked on it while I was at work!). He’s such a good dad, and I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with him and learn how to do this project from him. I definitely lucked out in the parents department.

As soon as we finish, I’ll post the “after” photos.

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