Angry post

Today was a long day, filled with nothing overtly bad, but it was tiring (plus I didn’t sleep well) and weird things happened that required a lot of energy to fix. I had school after work, and was happy that I got finished an hour early (yipee!). I celebrated to myself as I walked back to my car, only to find…


This is my fourth semester of grad school (yeah, I know, I’ll be here forever). I was told when I first started that grad students who only park on campus at night don’t need parking permits. I actually checked with someone. So imagine my surprise that in my fourth semester, my fourth class (so approximately my 54th time to park on campus) I came back to a parking ticket! For $75! It’s ridiculous!

Plus, I sort of ran one of those red lights with the cameras on Friday night, so I’m waiting for another $75 ticket in the mail. I’m a good driver, I promise. Very responsible. And under normal circumstances, I think very highly of police officers (one of my very favorite people is a cop!). But tonight, after my long, hard day, when I was already cranky and hungry and a bit hormonal, I must say that I really don’t like police officer #15. Whoever he is, I wish he would have shown me and Snowflake (my car) a little extra grace. Because we needed it tonight.

I’m going to bed early, to cuddle up with my TIME Magazine and forget about that stupid ticket. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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