Tiny gardener


Last weekend on one of the prettiest spring days I can ever remember, Wrenn and I worked on our garden. I had let the flower beds go… like really go… so it took several hours of weeding before we were ready to actually plant.

Sweet Wrenn LOVES being outside. She spent five hours with me, helping me weed (she likes to pull grass and bring it to me), digging in the dirt, pulling the flowers out of their containers, and playing with any bug or worm she can get her hands on. She and I were both a sweaty, dirty mess when we got done… and it was glorious. After all, isn’t childhood supposed to be about playing outside?


I’m quite pleased with how the front flower bed turned out, and even more excited about our backyard vegetable/flower garden. I don’t have any pictures of the back just yet because newly planted veggies just aren’t that impressive – they start out tiny and you have to plant them so far apart. But trust me when I say that in a month, our backyard is going to be filled with so many wonderful vegetables and pretty flowers, I could just squeal. Now, just join me in praying that no bunnies or caterpillars spoil my plans, would you?

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