Such a sap

I’ve become such a sap… today I was sitting at my desk at work, minding my own business, when someone sent me a silly forward about a soldier giving a little girl a hug in an airport… and it sent me right over the edge, probably because I have friends over there. I cried right there at work! Sometimes I’m so thankful that I have an office that offers me privacy for silly days like today.

Then I cried again when I read this blog. You probably will too. We’ve been praying for this cute little boy for months now, and I’m so encouraged by these posts, as well as by the messages folks leave in their guest book. It’s great to claim to have faith when life is rosy, it’s another to be tested and proved through the fire. Watching others go through the trenches and still cling to hope challenges me to move past purely reading scripture and truly living it. Experiencing it. Knowing it. 
Besides, when others are suffering, it gives the rest of us an opportunity to step up to the plate and show Christ’s love in a real, tangible way. I have been blessed with friends who have shown up in the middle of the night with ice cream and hugs when I suffered unexpected heartbreak, or who have sat at the hospital with me, or who have looked me straight in the eye and have spoken hard truth that was exactly what I needed to hear. It’s amazing how God chooses to use us to touch others… and I only pray that God gives me very real opportunities to show his goodness in a way only He is capable of orchestrating.
But enough of the sap. I need to get back to eating my M&M’s and popcorn… don’t act like you don’t know exactly how wonderful that sweet and salty goodness can be. 
Oh, and if you’re looking for some new music (I’m on a total iTunes downloading kick) check out these two songs from Needtobreathe:
Lay ‘Em Down
Washed By The Water
Pure greatness! 

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