Soccer star

Today after church a bunch of us went to the park and played soccer. I’m terrible at soccer. I’ve only played once or twice. Ever. But it was a blast. I can cross working out off my list for the day, and it was a lot more fun than running mindlessly on a treadmill. The weather was beautiful, nobody kicked me in the shin (although I did hurt my big toe… no pedicures for me until it heals!), and my teammates kicked me the ball, even though we ALL knew there was absolutely NO WAY I would ever have a chance of scoring.

I guess it was worth missing my Sunday afternoon nap for. But I still snuck in a 20 minute snooze. Otherwise it just wouldn’t be Sunday.

Then tonight, I did my homework outside on my back patio as I listened to the wind blow in a storm. I am absolutely loving this warm weather.

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