Postcard from Portland

I’ve been on the board of directors for The Cowtown Marathon for the past six years, and it is one of my very favorite things I get to do. I’m not a great runner. In fact, I have a love-hate relationship with running–I love what it does to my body, I love the sense of accomplishment that comes from setting an impossible goal and then achieving it. I love the clothes, and watching people cross the finish line for the first time. But I readily admit that I hate the time and hard work that it demands from you. Running is HARD, which is what makes it a challenge. It’s a total metaphor for life.

It fascinates me. And events like this make me want to train for another race.

I got the opportunity to travel to Portland, Oregon for a Race Director Conference for the Portland Marathon this week. A week of sharing ideas with organizers of the nation’s biggest races (like the New York Marathon), rubbing shoulders with former college stars and Olympians and famous running authors (like the guy who invented the run-walk method). I even got to meet Bob Dole’s speech writer.

But enough about running. I also got to enjoy Portland, which is a delicious combination of big city with a hippie flair. A city of bicycles and funky restaurants and great architecture.

By the time you read this, I’ll be watching the marathon finishers from the VIP tent, and then I jet back to Texas for a much-needed reunion with Mr. Right. I adore traveling, but I adore Mr. Right much more. Next time I’m going to have to sneak him along inside my suitcase.

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  1. I love Portland, and can’t wait to show Mack that part of the country. So glad you had a good time… and even more glad you’re excited to come home!


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