Last weekend I felt like such a grown-up.

In August we won big at a chamber of commerce fundraiser, and part of our winnings included tickets to see the Fort Worth Symphony at Bass Hall. I wore my brand-new 50% off dress from Fredericksburg and Mr. Right and I ate dinner at Taverna (where we had our first date) along with a small crowd from a local Jane Austen convention.

I should stop here and say that I wish I had known there was a Jane Austen convention in Fort Worth over the weekend. She is my very favorite author and I’ve read every word she’s ever written… several times. She’s pure bliss.

But back to the symphony. We felt so cultured, so trendy, to be going to the symphony. Even better, it was “movie theme” night, so we got to listen to the scores from Schindler’s List, The President’s Speech, Casablanca, Star Wars...

It was glorious. And while Mr. Right and I love to listen to classical music at home on the radio, hearing it live, 12-rows back (for free) at the most gorgeous venue in DFW (and also home to our wedding reception) was just fantastic. I will never forget it.

I really wish we had taken a full-length picture so you could celebrate with me the cuteness of my half-price lacy, ruffled dress, but alas, all we took was this iPhone headshot. I guess this means that I can just wear it again and no one will be the wiser.

That same weekend I played in a golf tournament with my dad. 

Crazy thing happened… we won the tournament. And I got the biggest trophy of my life. It’s sitting in my office at work right now, and every time I see it, I giggle at the ridiculousness. I haven’t gotten a trophy in 20 years.

In the meantime, when I’m not pretending to be a grown-up or winning golf tournaments, I’ve been working on my next quilt. It was my first foray into applique and it was so much easier than I had anticipated. It’s asymmetrical, partly because I wanted it to be unique, and partly because I’m bad at math and needed to add some length to the bottom to even it out. This will be a special gift to a special friend, and I’ll share the story after she receives it. In the meantime, it’s not going to get quilted until I finish a last-minute Christmas gift quilt, which I fear may be more than I should bite off, but I like to live on the edge. This is my inspiration (but mine will be black and white):
Speaking of living on the edge, last week I got to throw a very large, outdoor special event. It was the day it rained four inches. Practically a monsoon, actually. And there I was, standing outside in my sister’s red rain boots at 6:15 in the morning, sipping my coffee and trying to see the humor in the situation so I wouldn’t cry.  After all, we’re in the worst drought in our area’s history… and the one day I plan an outdoor event, we get a monsoon. 

Life as an event planner is hugely entertaining, but rarely glamorous.

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