Last chance – what do you think this baby is?

Last night we went in for our 15-week sonogram, and being a little people-pleaser like his/her mama (or exhibitionist, in which case, we’re all in trouble) Baby Right went full spread eagle the moment the sonogram started. Way to go babe – apparently the tech got an up close and personal view. Way to cooperate for mama.

Now comes the hard part – waiting for the big reveal, which will happen Saturday night with both of our families and some of our close friends. It was killer to go to bed with that sealed envelope just BEGGING me to take a peak. But I’m the world’s WORST liar, so the last thing I could do was cheat and then pull it off – everybody would totally know. And so I’m in the dark, just like everybody else.

So in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to make predictions – what do YOU think Baby Right is? Here’s what others are saying:

Both of our moms, my father-in-law, and Mr. Right are convinced it’s a boy.

My sister and my dad are convinced it’s a girl.

And until this week, I was totally convinced it’s a girl. Between the nausea and the daily pimples, I’ve just known. Or, maybe it’s a symptom of me being too tired to wash my face properly before bed.

But for some reason, this week I haven’t been as sure. I only crave salty/savory foods right now (I can’t STAND anything sweet), and I’m carrying the baby low and in front, which tends to point toward boy. Then again, I haven’t had a good meal in almost four months, which could  account for the fact that I’m not carrying “baby girl weight” anywhere else. As soon as this nausea clears, all of that may change.

So there we go. I really have no idea. I’m going to be in love with whatever it turns out to be – whether it means a lifetime of hairbows and hairbraiding, or superheroes and football (Lord, I don’t think I can handle a lifetime of football).

PS–I dreamed I was feeding my baby last night – and it was a girl…

Leave your predictions below. I’ll let you know Sunday what we find out.


  1. Boy!!!!
    I always hear worse morning sickness, different hormones (could be to blame for the pimples!). I carried low & to the front with Libby. So that doesn’t follow my theory though!
    How are you revealing?


    1. We’re doing the cake thing. I thought about attempting something more creative, but haven’t had the energy, and cake will feed the guests, so it’s a win-win.


    1. I’ve never been one to have prophetic dreams before, so we’ll see if this was a fluke or some mom/gut thing. I’ll know tomorrow!


  2. I vote girl! I carried both my girls low, was sick for 3 months with Reagan and 4 months with Kennedy, and only craved salty stuff with both pregnancies! 🙂


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